Try, have we asked specifically why children and teenagers and even adults addicted to games? Perhaps the simplest answer is the game exciting and fun-fun game models. At first glance the answer is good and reasonable. But the game has been in the news lately farther than just exciting and fun. What is it and why there is more fun? Because now there is no life and his own world, or simply is no "natural" itself.
You will learn why children and adolescents so something whose name game, and what the psychological impact of hazards and the future of the nation.

Many parents complain and it does not move if the child has  this one. On one side there is also a delicious parents, when their children play the game they have the time for yourself and seemed to be free of duties and routines of the consequences of taking care of the child task. But you know that there are many "natural" are malicious in nature and the game enjoyable for children.

Let us understand what happens in the natural world game, in your nature that nobody could be anyone. That is if you are in the real world you are a regular, troubled school children and life in the real world problem, can change completely if you play a role in natural game. Suppose you were school children in trouble with the values and attitudes, may be in natural game he is a hero who helped many people and strong and appreciated. And this is contrary to the real world is not it? Even in the realm of games or game world he is a king who respected and memilii a lot of wealth and all the commands and desires can be followed.
Children feel a nobody in the real world, but he is the "King" or the nature of the ruling in the game. And this favors him because appreciation and acceptance really felt in the game universe. Meanwhile, in the real world, he is not appreciated and various negative labels on children has been heaped on him. Those who seemed to be the loser in the real world and children are in "vain", can be a true champion in a different realm. They awarded and accepted, in elu hailed feel needed, wanted and were all different from the real world in his life. Understand not? Why children and adolescents can be addicted to the game?
As a parent or observers of child development helps us understand this and give different treatment to our children, thank him for what it is and help in order to excel and make him into a great child prodigy in the field that he likes. If we do not take our responsibility, then it is there that can take over and we know that's the kind of game and a variety of media that are ready to be a teacher and influence in his life.
Consider, in the game are now very concerned about the many facets of human psiokologis, it is clear because the market they are human. But we want to share here is that they are much more able to understand the human being from the man himself to fellow human beings. Example, rarely or never found in the game world there are criticisms and insults when a child fails to play, there is the word "try again, want to continue, and the like" compare in our everyday life of a child or an adult, the new one once or twice already in the stamp can not and incompetent. And the label or stamp attached in our minds and our children, which means forever, when what we need is training and habituation, because we do not know and understand. In the game there are no rules as such, they are much more understanding and patience than our fellow human beings.

Game also overcome many things in life, some time ago there was a fellow who every day addictive game for lonely and difficult to communicate with his family. He farm-themed play "tie", every day of his Ipad wheezes cow sound, if not fed, and she can beg real "poor do not eat cow-and there are certain times where he had to concentrate with the game without having to be disturbed. As if his life as a busy professional yet, just feed the cows in the game, tell yourself everyday and foolishness with uproariously.
Well, you already know the problem and how to solve it? There are 5 tips that will we share and you can practice in your daily life and your child.

Take time and togetherness with more children, accompany children at home. If you are very busy, set in such a way. Let's just say your child is "sick" and needs to be accompanied.
Develop a better way to communicate and connect with children.
Trying to understand the needs of children, including children's language. Explore the games that are played in order to become the entrance you talk with the child.
Plan time to eat together and recreation together. When talking with teens who are good when they are too good situation, while eating and relaxing.
Do not talk especially with rage to children when they are playing the game. It actually makes them grow injured. Trying to talk with the child staring with affection.
Hopefully, and this information is useful to you and your beloved family. Reclaim your primary function, and love children with all our heart.
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