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Poetry Memories And Loneliness 

The old house
and stone fences.
The sky in the village
rice paddies and bamboo.

Acquainted with lonely
on satiety propped himself.
Not be dusty streets
looked at him through fate.

Love is coming
bird is not grasped.
Steel rod quiet time
of back stabbing.

The old house
and stone fences.
old memories
serene and quiet.

poem Education

If you go to the plains
Do not forget to go home anchored
If we wanted smart
Learn earnest

If you want to wash the rock
Do not forget the steel hammer
If students grow up smart
Teachers too happy

If you go to the village
Do not forget to bring rice
Learn diligently
In order for us to the next grade

If we eat a banana
Do not forget to eat crackers
If we want good
Ranjin-diligently read the book

The forest looking for deer
Let the carry strap
O children of the nation
Quickly get up quickly bath

If this had been the loss
Sure lucky day after tomorrow
Do not forget to brush your teeth
For ye children of the nation

Let throwing anchor
If there is a boat stop
If the smart nation
This country would be proud

Cook in a large pot goose
Not only in the well
You shall serve
In the lap of mother earth

Go to the edge of time
Do not forget to bring the urn
Arise children pertiwi
Build your own land

If we hold the brush
Melukislah on paper
If intelligent nation
Nation was qualified

If you want to apply
Do not a lot of write deleted
If students study hard

Of course must pass

Birthday Poem

Patting the water in the tub,
spattered face alone.
If you want any of your time means,
Do not get caught daily routine.

Finding a hidden location,
more easily from a high place.
Take the distance from day-to-day behavior,
though more easily explore the potential of self.

Do not be satisfied with just one charter
Do not settle for what you have done
Do not let the freezing Sharks
Happy Birthday utter
Hopefully Yourself Closer to God
The More You Develop Self Potential

Rhymes and Meaningful Poetry


Where did Linta,

from the ground down to the times.

Where it comes from love,

of the eye continues to the liver.


When the love of wealth, then the property will be extinct,
when the love of beauty, the beauty will be lost,
If Love be such, then such will disappear,
when love lust, lust of the devil it is you,
When the love of the mind, that's true love.

True love will blossom when he was fostered by a sense of awareness,
honesty, understanding and reciprocal affection,
not with the treasures of the world to be destroyed

Love the heart that is two pulses,
and two hearts a flutter,

People who love hunting is like hunting deer dirimba wilderness,
increased hunted,,,, finally getting him to run aimlessly lost their end,

Love heart knows only one joy in this world, that is to love and be loved,

A man's heart is like hazelnut, hard exterior while the inside is soft,

Nothing beautiful love of the meeting a second time, because masing2 reach adulthood,

First love is holy and sublime,
The second love is love repetition,
and the third, and so on are love brash,

Love your parents first,
before you love your boyfriend,

Love is pure and eternal love of god,
True love is a mother's love,
love instinct is young love,

Do not you love a person because of her beauty,
but love it with keagunganya,

Love is indeed beautiful when decorated with drops of water mta,

The most terrible suffering for one's young is a breakup,

Nothing was especially sweet love of the love story,
and no transcendental horror story of the breakup,

Old And Poem Poetry Puzzle

Long poem is a poem that is bound by the rules.

The rules include:

. Number of words in one line
2 The number of lines in the first stanza
3 Poetry (rhyme)
4 Many syllables per line
5. rhythm

Mantra is an old poem, its presence in the Malay community was originally not as works of literature, but more to do with customs and beliefs.


Assalammu'alaikum daughter big satulung
That heave berilir simayang
Let small, here
I do hair buns
I bring tapping ivory
Will wash your face

Couplets is a long poem that is derived from the Tamil (India)


a. End of a rhythmic rhyme - a; b - b; c - c ff.
b. Derived from Tamil (India)
c. The contents are fairly obvious advice that explain or show a causal suatui.

Less thought less finesse (a)
Of course you will get lost (a)

Those who leave the prayer (b)
Like home no pillared (b)

If there is no husband to be straight (c)
The wife was later to be thin (c)

3 poems
Poem is a long poem that is derived from Arabic.


a. Each stanza consists of four lines
b. Each line consists of 8-12 syllables
c. Rhyme a - a - a - a
d. Fill all no sampiran
e. Derived from the Arabic


Once upon a time (a)
Tersebutlah a story (a)
A safe tranquil country (a)
Led wise king nan (a)

Land called Sand Luhur (a)
The soil is fertile broadly (a)
People's lives prosperous regularly (a)
Pillars raharja no measurable (a)

King named Darmalaksana (a)
Handsome handsome good-looking (a)
Fair and honest with authority (a)
No gallant rival (a)

Malay is the original poem poetry pretty rooted and entrenched in the community.


1 Each stanza consists 4 lines
2 Line 1 and 2 as sampiran
3 Lines 3 and 4 are the contents
4. rhyme a - b - a - b
5. Each line consists of 8-12 syllables
6 Derived from the Malay (Indonesian)


There is no cucumber papaya (a)
There is no mango bark (b)
Rather than sit daydreaming (a)
Let us read the poem (b)



Regular rhyme rhyme is often called just.

If there is a broken needle
Do not put in a crate
If anyone I said that wrong
Do not be entered into the heart

2 Seloka (PANTUN related)
Seloka is related that does not quite rhyme with one verse poem related reasons is the fabric of some temple.


a. The second and fourth lines of the first stanza is used as the first line of the second and third stanza.
b. The second and fourth lines in the second verse is used as the first line of the third stanza and the third
c. and so on

Straight road to Payakumbuh,
Teak wood leaded road
Where the heart is not the violent,
Mother walking dead father

Teak wood leaded the way,
Patahlah wind down the limb
Mother walking dead father,
Where profits submitted

Talibun is poem number of rows more than four lines, but it must be even, for example 6, 8, 10 and so on.
If one stanza contains six lines, structure and three three sampiran contents.
If satiu stanza containing eight lines, four sampiran structure and four contents.
If the six-line poem a - b - c - a - b - c.
When consists of eight lines, the poem a - b - c - d - a - b - c - d

When children go to weekend
Buy mullet yu no buy sampiran
Fish bought long time ago

If the kids go running
Mother looking for any relatives searching contents
Looking first landlady

4. PANTUN Quick (Karmina)

a. Each stanza consists of 2 lines
b. The first line is sampiran
c. The second line is the content
d. Rhyme a - a
e. Each line consists of 8-12 syllables


Formerly machete, now iron (a)
Formerly unfortunately now hate (a)



Elegant teak apparently beetle
Ducks brought home evening
Not a big heart terkata
Seeing mom had come


Planting jasmine in the rama-rama
Jellyfish side two
We shared lively semati
One grave later both


Acid acid kandis gelugur
Both acid cicadas
Crying corpse in the tomb door
Remembering the agency does not pray

2.4. Limerick

Elegant apparently starfruit tree
Growing up near a mango tree
Elegant apparently berbini cleft
Let me angry laugh too


If ladies, ladies fir
Take the glass in the coffin
If you like a wise master
What animal horns in the foot

Poetry Misses

This heart felt loss
will figure personality
were so soft

which accompany the solitude
that warms the heart when his frozen
day-to-day in togetherness
could it be just a mere memory

laughter with you
now just waiting
said hello to you
now just a mere dream

distant gaze to meet
much words to say hello
although the distance spanned blocking
however the presence of liver awaits you

Poetry Broken Heart

I feel this heartbreak
such as coral
which struck the forehead,
Bump ...

I feel this heartbreak
such as punch Chris Jhon
Battered ...

I feel this heartbreak
smells like fart
fat neighbor
Make me a fit ...

But I did not because ditimpuk lump of coral
I'm not battered from being hit Chris Jhon
And I'm not a fit because the smell of a fart

But because you
've broke my heart

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