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When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone
Poetry Ralfanhar Elftriano

When I arrived until the time was nevertheless happy you found ...
Choose the one who is more beautiful way for you ..
Because I was not the one who is perfect
And do not you ever be sad

Smile when I can no longer be with you
Because the always miss you in every second course of time ..
Perhaps sport is no longer able to touch you
But the beauty of the smile you always
I'm not a true lover but I carve a dream right before I go ...
 though not always accompany life with me,,

Quote Melody Love
Quote Melody Love
Poetry Works Septian Abdiansyah

One of the most beautiful part of this life is
When familiar with Love ..
Love ..
Yes love
Mouth silent to hear the words that often became a byword  poet
Even when the pen moves ..
Everything will be silent

But not, without careful pen will not be able to move
Red heart as the seriousness
And white hearts as sincerity

When heart talk love and love
A calm heart will fluctuate
Full sense of logic has now turned into a lost emotion

Likes the taste is wonderful flavors
Like visiting the park cherry blossoms
Bloom despite momentary
Beautiful though a moment too

The meeting, though the moment but always made an impression on the rhythm of my pulse
Despite sounding vaguely ..
Your face is your voice is always there even though it feels false

Dreams are the media
Wonderful medium to express the word love
In fact, numb tongue reveals the word love, because I do not usually say the word similar to the word love.

Just for you who created creatures known as bone
A simple writing this I'm the chain, though not to talk but not silent
With careful pen and media dream I reveal all
A word like beautiful

Poetry Tomi Slot: I'm troubled
  I'm upset
Created by: Tomi gatra

Hide shockingly poignant
Hospitals that did not stop my tears
Flowing with sad
That I should not praise

Lame-lame and lame
I was helpless with all these
You're the one who made ​​iffy
Who made ​​the cut hearts

You were hidden in my memory
You hide me from the world
 of mind


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