Diet Brown Rice and Chicken Breast

Dietary protein and carbohydrates are essential for health. Diet of brown rice and chicken breast provides many benefits for consumers who do so. Brown rice has adequate nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber and calcium. 
Diet of brown rice to provide protection from a variety of B vitamin deficiency diseases in the brown rice has a high content of B vitamins. In addition, levels of Fe or iron in the red rice is also quite high. 
It is known that iron if combined with vitamin B will increase appetite, improve blood circulation and also increases stamina. Endurance is an important thing for human health conditions. The immune system is made to make one can avoid various types of diseases. 
Smooth blood circulation helps improve concentration and memory. For the elderly can reduce the risk of dementia while at a young age and children may improve learning ability and intelligence. 
Now brown rice can be combined with various side dishes and vegetables. One of them is a chicken breast. Chicken breast as the other chicken meat has a high protein content. On the chest, but relatively low fat meat thicker. Chicken fat is not good for health because it can increase the risk of high cholesterol. Diet Brown Rice and chicken breast are good enough to condition the body after illness. 
When eating chicken breast mixed with red rice, is very good nutritional value since it contains minerals, vitamins and nutrients is high enough and complete. Chicken breast also contains omega-3 compounds that contribute to improve intelligence. While the protein contained in the chicken meat can increase endurance, help regenerate damaged cells and provide protection of the body from damage. 
Noteworthy is that when processing the chicken breast, preferably not fried but baked or read,. When read, the chicken meat, then the meat is first boiled in boiling water so that the fat content and cholesterol will go out into the water and the meat contains less fat and cholesterol. Similarly, when burned, the cholesterol tends to drip out of the meat, thereby reducing fatty deposits and cholesterol. Similarly Diet Brown Rice and chicken breast.
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