Only you are going to hear my story, 
only you would understand me, 
only you can make me smile, 
only you who always advised me, 
You only genuine to love me
be, I love you 
i want hold your hand 
i want  hugged me ... 
I do not want to lose you. but you just love semuku, impossible if you were mine. just my imagination that can hold your hand just ilusiku can hug your body tight ... I'm sorry already love you and forgive this heart that can not stop loving you ... 
I requested one just wants to get me and the affection I always remember when you sing the lyrics for the sake of the lyrics' i want give up on us, events in the sky get rought. im giving you all my love, im still loking up '

Rain curtain 

Why is this all happening and can happen again 
Stories of the past are meaningless 
It was poignant in wound tenderness 
He made it without feeling 
Increasingly colorful rainbow disappears 
Without the slightest color remaining former 
In the darkness of this night I cried 
Crying with nature dims 
The curtain of rain was drenching tears this 
Which continues to flow without stopping 
Joint injuries are still burned into the soul 
Only stars and black roses with me 
When I am crying in this wound 
Pain is pain during the 
My tuk eliminate patient 
And look forward to the best of her 
Without any pain again for the umpteenth time 
The past is the past let 
Not to be remembered, but the lessons 
About the pain and the rain curtain that still exist 

Prayer end of Ramadan

I could not rebel or do much, 
Pedaling remembrance under lush Ramadan 
Repeat the magic of living prayer 
Deep fatigue whack. 

I was exposed to a weak soul a sense of sin 
Want to wash miss in the middle of a quiet world with drizzle and dances in stars that fell slowly to the shoulder. 

Then came a gentle girl 
Coming in jodohku 
Showcases the journey of our meeting, 
Earth wind vibrating rumble 
Like a heart. 

So I recited a desire on the owner of all owners 
At the top end of this Ramadan 
Fill this empty cup with a sip of red wine 
That led me to penetrate blacks live alone. 
And we were happy owner


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