KUMPULAN ARTIKEL BAHASA INGGRIS TENTANG SEKOLAH 11 tips to overcome the hyperactive child

11 tips to overcome the hyperactive child

1. Arrange the provision of foods containing refined sugar or high levels of carbohydrates, such as white rice flour or various processed products, so as not to excess. Avoid flavorings and sweeteners and artificial coloring. Proper intake to help the hyperactive child is facing Mother of foods containing calcium and magnesium-like vegetables, nuts, and seeds. In addition, because the movement is very dynamic hyperactive child, was relatively fast metabolism so he took the intake more often than other children.

2. Do not punish him for hyperactive behavior is not your child's fault.

3. Never label a child as hyperactive brat, lazy or stupid, because eventually it will be like that labeled him.

4. Effectiveness of different therapies for each child. Parents should determine the best therapy for the child.
Most importantly give affection (not spoiling) in hyperactive children exceeds other relatives. The reason is, how much love that was shed in hyperactive children, can never be filled.

5. Within teach your child hyperactive, do not be bored to continuously repeat things that can be learned quickly and remembered by normal children.

6. At the front of your child, say to others that he is a good boy, and do not comment on the mistakes he had done.

7. Constantly / continuously beware of any actions that may endanger themselves or others.

8. Increase communication with your child. If in normal children we tend to communicate at certain moments, in hyperactive children we have to communicate "every single minute once".

9. One of the hardest things to overcome is the hyperactive child when it was at the dinner table and we

10. Ask him feed himself. Maybe he'll even play a food or running around the Do not get mad at him! All you have to do is you have to feed them with patience
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