While on vacation maybe people would say forget about your diet for a while, enjoy the holiday and its food. As a result many people after a vacation home, gained weight more than before the vacation even if only done a few vacation days so that a diet that you've done so far in vain. Should do is to stay on a diet, but not strictly. Here are 5 tips on diet while on vacation you can do and of course you can still enjoy your holiday.

Be Intuitive
No doubt the holidays are a time to enjoy different foods. Most of the more indulgent than you usually eat. But there is no need to excessively consumed at every meal. Eat before hungry and stop eating before satiety.
Stay Active
The holidays are a great time to get in a workout. This not only helps you feel better, it makes you move. Do not have to exercise to the gym. Dancing in the evening, go for a walk, and just find ways to move your body more than usual.
Choose a Healthy Snack
Look for opportunities to eat more fruits and vegetables, whether it's in a hotel room or a restaurant meal or a buffet. For example, we munch on apples or bananas between meals and snacks instead of choosing unhealthy and disturbing taste lunch and dinner.
Eat with Various Variations
The more variety of food choices, the more opportunities there are to improve nutrition and discover something new.
Enjoy Food
So when it comes to vacations, take time to eat quality food, socializing, and the focus of the food prepared. It is not about eating too much but about eating slow down and pay attention to the food consumed
Vacationing is no longer an excuse for not dieting. By doing 5 diet tips while on vacation this then the weight will be controlled and holidays can still be enjoyed without worrying scales will soar when you get back from vacation.
Bad breath can be caused by many things, even if you feel brushing. There are several causes of bad breath, tooth decay is that it becomes the perfect place for the growth of bacteria, plaque and leftover food or beverages. Thrush can also be the cause, especially inflamed canker sores and not dry.
Thrush, white basin with redness around it is painful when inflamed. Thrush can last 4-20 days, but immediately check if it's still present in the mouth after passing 2 weeks. Because usually, in normal conditions, canker sores can heal itself.
Thrush that is left makes us uncomfortable chewing something. Moreover, eating a piece of fruit and fresh vegetables are sometimes scratch the wound cavity. In fact, the more we are lazy to chew, the less saliva is produced, the more it will dry our mouths. As a result, there is a bad odor from the mouth.
When thrush, you should diligently rinse and drink water. Try chewing fresh fruit and vegetables. Apply treatment with antiseptic to ensure germs do not thrive. That you should look at, it turns sprue is innate. As many as 50% of cases of canker sores is a case of genetics passed down from parents. Well, the new mouth ulcer recurrence when the default was sparked something. For example, spicy foods or lack of vitamin C and vitamin B12 which is present in the fresh fruit.
Requirement of vitamin C per day is not more than 100 mg in normal people. Therefore, if you are taking supplements of vitamin C when canker sores recur, it is not right. Average vitamin C supplements contain high doses of vitamin C that actually stimulate the kidneys. By taking vitamin C supplements, you do not necessarily canker sores healed immediately and resolved the problem of bad breath.
So, thrush can cause bad breath if not immediately treated. It's more because we are lazy to chew when thrush so the less production of saliva and dry mouth so much. But the cause of bad breath is not always thrush. You can overcome bad breath to check it out first. Who knew there were holes and rotten teeth.
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