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In Indonesian country, English is one of the subjects in the process of teaching and learning in class which stated in the KTSP curriculum (Curriculum 2006) in the stated content of ministry rules 23. English language regarded as the main foreign language. English is one of the compulsory subjects taught from elementary up to university level. It has been also stated as a main subject of the national curriculum. Students are hoped to be able to get the knowledge of English which can be applied as a means to grasp the science in the Universities, as most literatures are written in English.
As the main foreign language in secondary Education, English is one of the most important means of student’s development in gaining modern science technology and arts. So, they can glow into fully grown. Indonesian people who live in their country have responsibility for the development of the whole country. So, English subject gives a great contribution to the program of increasing the quality of Indonesian human recourse. High quality of Indonesian human recourse will make Indonesian people able to face the challenges of globalization in the field of science and technology.
In English there are many sides that have to be learnt such as listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Listening includes listen to the tape recorder, the native or the teacher in the classroom and the students must understand what the speaker says. Writing includes making a sentence or paragraph, in writing the students must really understand about grammar and structure because in written form the mistake will be appeared clearly. In reading the students must have many vocabularies or words so they can understand about the reading. And finally about speaking, it is one of the most important skills in English. It always uses in communication. In it, vocabulary is the main important aspect because it consists of words.
Vocabulary is one of language aspects, it is very important to be mastered by the student. Mastering vocabulary is the most important part of studying English. Without sufficiency vocabulary, we cannot understand the meaning of word, text passage and some literatures. As we know that student still have problem with vocabulary, they will be confused with the meaning of the word. They cannot express their feeling because of the unlucky of vocabulary.


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