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                                                             WHAT'S WITH APPLE ?
Apples Benefits for the BodyCompleted following the seminar , I passed the more crowded fruit market visitors , I am interested to see up close , the admiration in my heart at the sight of a row of display fresh fruits ready to buy consumers .My view fixed on the young green apples and there are dark red . This also preoccupied thought if eaten . Not felt this hand has included in the basket . So I bought an apple for me to eat with the family, who happened to be my son 's first grade Nabila Jihan 2 SD Pradipta which was again ill in the heat to sore lips and gums .What are the actual benefits of apples huh ?Apples contain many vitamins , minerals and other elements such as fitokimian , fiber , tannins , baron , tartar acid , and others . This substance is very need for our bodies to prevent and cope with various diseases . Henceforth , we discuss about what is contained in apples ? And what are the benefits of apples ?

Apples are rich in vitamins rich in vitamins . Some of the vitamins contained in apples such as vitamin A , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , vitamin B3 , vitamin B5 , vitamin B6 , vitamin B9 , vitamin C.
Apples contain a mineral rich in many minerals . Minerals in apples include calcium , magnesium , potassium , iron , and zinc .
Phytochemicals : Apples also contain phytochemicals . Phytochemicals are antioxidants to fight free radicals that come from pollution or the environment . This substance also serves to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol ( LDL ) that can cause blockage of blood vessels .
Rich in fiber , apples are rich in fiber , so it is good for people who are in a diet program . This is due to the high fiber so as to prevent hunger comes more quickly .
Fiber to reduce fat and cholesterol , apples contain fiber that binds to fat and useless bad cholesterol in the body for later disposal.
Tannins : Apples also contain tannins . Tannins are substances that function cleans and refreshes the mouth , so as to prevent tooth decay and gum disease .
Baron, Inside apples are baron . Is the baron ? Baron serves to maintain the amount of estrogen in a woman's body .
Flavoid : One good apple content for menjegah disease is flavoid . Flavoid is a substance that serves to reduce the risk of cancer .
D - glucaric acid : Is the D-glucaric acid ? D - glucaric acid is a substance that can lower cholesterol levels . D- glucaric acid is also present in apples .
Quercetin , Quercetin is a substance that is needed to increase the levels of antioxidants that the body feels healthier and prevent various diseases . Apples contain quercetin substances .
Acid tartar : In a sour apple tartar also there . Tartar acid that can nourish the digestive tract , because these substances are capable of killing bacteria in the digestive tract .Because many elements of health that can be utilized from apple then certainly we can try to eat one apple every day . Good luck .


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