GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY
Psychology comes from the Greek words 'psyche' which means soul and 'logos' which means science . So etymology (according to the meaning of the word) psychology means the study of the soul, both kinds of symptoms 'process and its background. Briefly called life sciences
As a science, psychology also has science. Therefore psychology has:

Particular object
Specific investigation methods
Regularly as a result of systematic approach to the object.
In general psychology  mean that studies human behavior. Or the study of the human psyche gejal-symptoms
Among understanding formulated by the experts are as follows:
1. According to Dr. Singgih Dirgagunarsa:
Psychology is the study of human behavior
2. Plato and Aristotle, argued that:
Psychology is the study of knowledge ilmi hakiakat soul as well as the process through to the end
3. John Broadus Watson,
Looking at experimental psychology found psychology as a science that studies the behavior appears (outwardly) daengan using objective methods of observation and response to stimuli (response)
4. Withelm Wundt,
Figures found in experimental psychology psychology is the science that studies that arise in human beings, such as the feeling of senses, mind, feeling (feeling) and will
5. Woodworth and marquis
Psychology is: the science that studies the activity of the individual since I was in the womb to death in connection with the natural world around
6. Knight and Knight
'Psychological may be defined as the systematic study of human behavior and experience and anima, normal and abnormal, individual and social'
7. Hilgert
'Psychological bedefined my studies as the science htat the behevior of men and other animal'
8. Ruch
'Psykologi is sometimes defined as the study of man, but this definition is too broad. The truth is that Psychological cal biology is partly science and partly a social sscience, overlapping these two major areas and relating them each other
From the above it can be concluded bahw Psychological pengertiqn is the science that studies the behavior and actions of all tinhgkah aindividu, in which individual people can not be separated from its environment
Psychological early incorporated in philosophy, finally separating itself and stands alone as an independent science. This is a service of Wilhelm Wundt established a laboratory psychology Yng first in 1879 to investigate psychiatric events experimentally
With this brief description it can be described that psychology as a science has been a stand-alone, no longer be part of other sciences
Being reviewed from the object, psychological can be divided into two large groups, namely:

Psychological investigating and studying human
Psychological investigating and studying the animals, which are generally more firm called Psychological animals
Psychological general is investigating and studying psychology activities or the activities of the human psyche in general adult, normal and civilized (berkultur)
Psokologi special psychology is investigating and studying aspects kahususan, of human psychic activities
This particular psychology is diverse, among others:
1. Developmental psychology,
That psykologi who discussed the development of the human psyche infancy to old age, which includes:

Child psychology (including infancy)
Psychology puberty and adolesensi (youth psychology)
Adult psychology
Psychological old JV
2. Social Psychology
Namely psychology specifically discuss tntang behavior or human activities in relation to social situations
3. Psychological Pendidika
Namely psychology Husus mebguraikan activities or human activities in relation to the situation of education, for example how to attract attention so that lessons can be muadah acceptable, how to learn and so
4. Psychology and personality typology
Husus which describes the structure of the human person, the human personality types
5. Psychopathology
Husus outlines the psychology of abnormal mental state (abnormal)
6. Psychology Criminal
Namely psychology Husus associated with about crime or criminality
7. Psychological Company
namely that Husus berhubunagn with questions sosl company
A method of inquiry in science is an absolute necessity it is, what else could it stand alone science, it must be characterized by its own methods for menyalidiki the object, the object of psychology adalh appreciation of nature and human actions in a complex and ever-changing
Based on the reflections and experiences will paengalaman diapatkan the following methods:
A. The method is filoifis there are several kinds, among others:
1. Methods intuitional
This method is done in a way to hold a penyelidukan intentionally or by not engaja in daily life
2. Methods contemplative
Ni methods by way of contemplating obhek which will be determined by using the ability of our thinking. The main tool used is pekiran really been in a state of objective
3. Religious philosophical method
This Metde used to use religious materials, as the primary tool for researching human person
Bs. Empirical methods can be divided into:
1. Methods obserfasi
obserfasi method is a method for studying psychiatric intentionally observe directly, thorough and systematic.
Obserfasi can be in three ways:
a. Method of introspection
The term comes from introspection latib: (intro: within, and speaktare: see). So the individual introspection and experiencing something he himself can also be observed, mmpelajari what it is internalized.
b. Methods of experimental introspection
The term experimental introspection is a method of introspection, which is carried out by conducting experiments and in an atmosphere deliberately made
c. Methods ekstropeksi
Suaru ekstropeksi method is a method in psychology that seeks to learn menyaliduki or intentionally and regularly symptoms symptoms of the soul itself by comparing the lives of others and mencobq draw conclusions by looking at the symptoms of the soul, it is shown that the expression and pantomimik others
2. Methods of collecting materials
With this technique, meant an investigation conducted denagan process data obtained from the set list of questions and answers (questionnaire).
Investigators can cover with in three ways:
a. Interview questionnaire
Is a penyelidukan denagan conducted using daftr peretanyaan about psychiatric symptoms that must be answered by oarng much, so based on the answers he got it, we can know the state of one's soul
b. Methods biography
This method is likisan khidupan or writing about a person, both when he was alive and after his death
c. methods of collecting materials
That is a method that is implemented by gathering the ingredients, especially the collection of drawings made by the children
3.Metode experiment (experiment)
The term experiments (experiments) in pskologi means careful observation of the symptoms caused by the soul that we deliberately Purpose experiment is to know the properties ymum of psychiatric symptoms
4. Methods Clinical
Clinical method is called, counsel and drinks = master of medicine, which is given to the patient, by a health care professional. The method applied in clinical psychology is: a combination of clinical-medical assistance with educational methods, to observe the patients
5. Methods interview
Interview is a method of investigation using questions
6. Methods of testing
This method is a method of investigation with mennggunakan problems, questions, or other tasks that have been in setandardisasikan
A. Relation to Biological Psychology
Biology is the study of life, therefore both biology and psychology both human mebicarakan
B. Relationship Psychology with Sociology
Sociology is the science of human life in class relations. According Gerungan meeting between psychology and sociology that is an area of ​​social psychology
C. Relations with Psychology Natural Sciences
Natural science has a considerable influence on the development of psychology. Science becomes a model for the development of other sciences, including psychology, especially natural science methods influence the development of psychological methods
D. Relationship Psychology with Philosophy
Human beings are also the object of life philosophy, among others, to talk about the nature of human nature, though akhirnaya psychology split off from philosophy but here is a reciprocal relationship
E. Relationship Psychology with Paedagogiek
Paedagogiek as a science that aims to provide guidance of human life from birth to death will not be successful, if not base itself to psychology. Thus the new paedagogiek would bru right on target, pabila can understand the steps in accordance with the instructions pesikologi
F. Relationship denagan Psychology of Religion
Religion since the fall of the Apostles taught the basics of human adapted to the conditions and circumstances pikologis, in religious teachings are about how that man would receive instruction god
In the outline of studying the human soul is to make life so well, happy and perfect. Many of the problems that can be helped and solved by psychology. Tests in psychology can be divided into various types:
a. According to the number of people tested, the test can  above:
1. Individual Test
2. Test group
b. Based on psychiatric events were investigated, then the test can be divided into:
Test observations
From the description above can be concluded, that the purpose and use of studying psychology is:

to get clear about the symptoms of soul and a more perfect understanding of the behavior
to know the behavior means to recognize human behavior or child
providing education to know well
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