IMPACT OF AIR POLLUTION
Pollution is a big problem these days makes the world concerned . Coupled with the issue of impending doom that is triggered by the rising temperature of the earth is getting . Not only there lately also circulated news of global warming , it can be seen from the increasing heat of this moment , the melting of polar ice , erratic rains , high winds , sea level rose , and many more . Something that is closely related to water issues .Water is needed all living beings , not a single living being on Earth can live without water . What is essential for life on earth . But it turns out the water in addition to being a source of life for human beings , especially that water can also be a source of harm to life and source of distress . One of the real threat to the life of one of the water quality of the water itself that is getting worse . And it turns out the cause of all that happens is our own lack of awareness in understanding the water , resulting in water pollution .

Water pollution or water pollution is a change of state in a water reservoirs like lakes , rivers , and groundwater solution due to human activities . It is an important part of the human life cycle and one part of the hydrological cycle . In addition to also drain the drain water sediment and pollutants . A wide variety of very helpful functions of human life . Utilization of the largest lakes , rivers , oceans and groundwater is for irrigation agriculture , raw materials drinking water , as rainwater drains and waste water , even the actual potential as a tourist attraction . However, because of contamination of water resulting in the emergence of various diseases .

The following diseases caused by water pollution :communicable disease1 . Water -borne diseases are diseases directly through drinking water , such as cholera , typhoid , and dysentery
2 . Water washed diseases are diseases related to water shortages personal hygiene , such as scabies , skin infections and mucus membranes , trachoma and leprosy .
3 . Water -based diseases is a disease caused by germs that mostly relate to the life cycle of schistosomiasis .
4 . Related vectors Water is a disease transmitted by a vector disease that partially or completely  are in the water , such as malaria , dengue fever and filariasis .Non-communicable diseasesNon-communicable diseases can arise mainly because the water has been polluted by inorganic compounds , such as heavy metals . There are also organic compounds that can cause disease , especially those containing the element chlorine ( Cl ) , such as DDT and PCBs . These pollutants can cause disease because it is toxic to the body .Some pollutants or water contaminants are as follows :Kadnium ( Cd )Kadnium is a heavy metal that is widely used in PVC pipe industry , the manufacture of rubber , and glass factories . Metal CD can be absorbed by the human body and will accumulate or accumulate in body organs , especially the kidneys and liver . Only a fraction of these metals can be lost through digestion . Kadnium poisoning can affect the smooth muscle of blood vessels , so blood pressure is high and can lead to heart failure . Kadnium poisoning can also cause damage to the kidneys and liver , softening of the bones so that the bones of your back pain .

Cobalt ( Co )Cobalt metal is widely used in industry as an ingredient for the manufacture of aircraft engines , magnt , cutting or grinding tools , as well as for coloring glass , ceramics , and paint . In humans , Co. needed a bit in the process of formation of red blood cells and obtained through vitamin B12 .Cobalt poisoning can occur when the body receives a high cobalt concentrations ( 150 ppm or more ) . Cobalt in large quantities in the human body will damage the thyroid gland ( goiter ) , so people will  hormaon produced by the gland . Cobalt can also lead to heart failure and edema ( tissue swelling due to fluid accumulation in the cell ) .Mercury ( Hg )Mercury is widely used in the industrial process of making chlorine , are also found in batteries , paints , plastics , thermometer , tube lights , cosmetics and coal combustion products . Terakumulas its metallic mercury in the living body . The human body receives from the consumption of mercury primarily aquatic animals that have been contaminated with mercury .Effects of mercury , a pregnant woman can cause fetal become mentally disabled . Exposed to mercury in the body for long periods can experience kidneys , nerves and heart . At low concentrations of mercury can cause headaches , depression , and behavioral changes .Chlorinated organic compoundsExamples of chlorinated organic compounds are dichloro - diphenyl - trichloroethane ( DDT ) , aldrin , heptaklor , and klordan which is widely used as a pesticide . In addition to pesticides , industrial chemicals are also there which is a chlorinated organic compounds , such as polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCBs ) and dioxins .Nature of persistent chlorinated organic compounds in nature and accumulates in the body . These compounds can cause damage to organs , especially the liver and kidneys , and can cause kanker.Beberapa chlorinated organic compounds , such as DDT and PCBs can undergo biological magnification when entering the food chain .
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