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                                                                   CHAPTER I                                                                INTRODUCTION
A. Background
Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship) is a creative and innovative ability relied upon, tips, and resources to seek opportunities to the success. Something new and different is the value-added goods and services  to be used as a source of opportunities. Thus, entrepreneurship is an ability to create value in the marketplace through resource management processes in ways new and different.
In Indonesia, a new study of entrepreneurship is limited to some particular school or college course. In line with the developments and challenges such as the economic crisis, understanding entrepreneurship both through formal education and training at all levels of society into developing entrepreneurship.
People who perform entrepreneurial activities are called entrepreneurs. The question arises why an entrepreneur (entrepreneur) has a different way of thinking of humans in general. They have the motivation, the call soul, perceptions and emotions that are associated with the values, attitudes and behavior as a superior human being. This paper explained about the definition, nature, traits and characteristics and the role of entrepreneurship in national economy.
A. Definition of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is derived from the entrepreneurial and business. Wira mean: warriors, heroes, human excellence, exemplary, virtuous, manly noble character. Effort, means the act of charity, work, . So entrepreneurship is a warrior or hero . This is new in terms of etymology (word origin). According Indonesian, entrepreneurs are people who are good at recognizing new products, new production methods determine, formulate new products to conduct operations, organize and attachments  Ministerial Decree No. Cooperatives and Small  961/KEP/M/XI/1995 , stated that:

Entrepreneur is someone who has a spirit, attitude,  entrepreneurial ability.
Entrepreneurship is the spirit, attitude, behavior and in handling business or activity  effort to find, create and implement ways of working, new technology and products to improve the efficiency  provide better service and greater 
So it leads to the entrepreneur who / activity itself with all the capabilities that . entrepreneurship refers to entrepreneurial mental attitude in conducting business views of existing resources in someone who brings resources such as labor, materials, and other assets in a combination  greater than ever before and are also attached to a person who brings change, innovation, and the rules in the sense  dynamic process is a process of value creation  something achieved through hard work and time that appropriate to estimate the funding support, physical, and resikosocial, and will receive a reward in the form of financial and independence personalthe sense that there are four things which are owned entrepreneurs:

Creative process that is the creation of something new  value. This value-added is not only recognized but alsoonly audience that will  creations.
Highly committed to the use of time and effort n. The greater focus and attention given in this endeavor, it will support the creation process that would arise
Estimating the risks that may arise. In this case the risk occurs revolves around the financial risk, physical and social risks.
Obtaining reward. In this case the most important reward or freedom  followed by satisfaction  rewards in the form of money is usually regarded as  his business success.

B. Purpose Entrepreneurship
Eye of teaching materials and training Entrepreneurship can be taught dikembangkandi Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, and various business courses. Entrepreneurship in the lesson, the siswadiajari and behavioral attitudes implanted to open a business, so that they become a talented entrepreneur. To be clear, the following described the purpose of the Enterprise, as follows:

Increase the number of qualified entrepreneurs.
Embody the entrepreneurial ability and steadiness to produce progress and welfare of the community.
Cultivate the spirit of attitudes, behaviors, and kemampuankewirausahaan among students and the community that is capable, reliable, and excel.
Develop awareness dan'orientasi Kewirausahaanyang robust against the students and the community.

C. Benefits of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship has 4 social benefits, namely:

Strengthening economic growth: providing economic barudalam job. The current economy is fertile soil bagiwirausahawan example: the service sector exploding demand for services
Increase productivity: the ability to produce goods and services lebihbanyak with kindergarten and other inputs less.
Creating technologies, products and new services: a digital computer, mesinfotokopi, lasers, power steering.
Transform and rejuvenate the market competition: market internasionalmenyediakan entrepreneurial opportunities.

D. Scope of Entrepreneurship
The scope of entrepreneurship is very broad. In general, the scope of entrepreneurship is engaged in the business. If diuraikansecara detailed scope of entrepreneurship, is engaged in: a. An agricultural field 1) Agriculture 2) plantation and forestry
b. Field fisheries 1) Maintenance of fish 2) hatchery fish 3) Food fish 4) Transportation of fish
c. Farm field 1) Nation of birds or poultry 2) Nations mammals
d. Field of industrial and craft 1) big industry 2) medium industry 3) Small Industries 4) Craftsman v Processing of agricultural products v Processing plantation-grown v Processing of fishery v Processing livestock v Processing, Forestry
e. Field of mining and energy
f. Field of trade 1) As a wholesaler 2) As an intermediate trader 3) As a small trader
g. Field service providers 1) As middlemen 2) As a creditor or bank 3) As the transport entrepreneurs 4) As a hotelier and restaurant
A. Successful Entrepreneurship a. Hard work. In running a business we need to realize that every person who pursue the field of business, any business, it is required to have in mind to always work hard and diligently. b. Cooperation with others. As social beings, that inevitably we must depend on others, therefore we will want to learn to get along and bring yourself to others. c. Good appearance. Appearance is a reflection of probity and behavior, therefore, to support the work we do is also very instrumental performances. d. Confident, confidence. Everything is made manifest in us that we can. e. Good at making decisions. f. Want to add to knowledge. An entrepreneur is required to always learn from their surroundings, and the surroundings of the products are made. g. Good at communicating. Learn to put out a good sentence (as appropriate).
B. Failure Entrepreneurship a. Lack of funds for capital. Not all failures due to no capital, but most of the existing failure due to lack of funds. b. Lack of experience in the business field. Give a position to the experts, in other words put something in place. c. The absence of proper planning and mature. In entrepreneurship, planning something, or making something needs to be prepared beforehand. d. Not fitting interest in the business field being cultivated (researched). Associated with an explanation point b above, ie put something in place, including the place where the interests and talents of the people are interested and talented in order to do business or job to be friends and be engaged with both.
C. Because - because failure to Doing Business a. Less resilient and quickly despair, while we should be required to be diligent, diligent, patient, and do not despair. b. Less diligent and conscientious. c. Lack of supervision. d. Congestion is often the case. e. Inferior services. f. Dishonest and less nimble. g. Less initiative and less creative. h. Mistake in choosing the business field. i. Equating the company as a social entity, because one of the characteristics that the business must be a miser, if social agencies, sincere charity, because if the company is so miserly that he obviously economical. j. Many waste and irregularities. k. Less able to adapt to consumer tastes. l. It is difficult to separate the personal property with company property. m. Taking credit without thorough consideration. n. Starting a business without experience and capital loans. o. The amount of doubtful accounts. p. Fallacy calculate the cost. In conducting a sales effort should calculate how much the cost.
Conclusion Entrepreneurship is derived from the entrepreneurial and business. Wira means warrior, hero, Superman, virtuous, brave and noble character. In the Indonesian dictionary it is said that entrepreneurship is:
a. Intelligent people or gifted to recognize new products. b. Determine how new production. c. Assembles operation to hold a new product. d. Organize its operations and market capitalization.
Means  charitable efforts, in the form of something, or trying to work. So entrepreneurial etymologically means fighters do something. Presidential Instruction No.4/1995, is the entrepreneurial spirit, attitude, behavior, and ability to handle business or activity directed to the workings of technology, and new products to improve efficiency in order to provide better service and greater profits. The word innovation first introduced by Schumpeter, 1953, innovation is seen as the creation and implementation or also commonly referred to as the new co-ordination in innovation it also can create additional value, which is associated with. Shareholders and society. So innovation is creating and implementing something into one combination. The new combination product that can refer to services, labor market processes, policies and systems
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