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                                                         Indonesian Education Articles
Indonesian education is one of the compulsory subjects taught from primary level to higher education . But that is very surprising as Indonesian citizen who was educated and studied Indonesian still many who do not understand Indonesian well both orally and in writing . This is evident from the number of students who have National Exam which is still very low .
Indonesian is the official language of the Republic language of national unity Indonesia.Di East Timor , Indonesian status as a working language .
From the linguistic point of view , Indonesian is one of the many regional variations of Indonesian " Youth Pledge initiated since its launch , October 28, 1928 , to avoid the impression " language imperialism " when the Malay name remains .Proses This causes different language Indonesia is a variant of the language used in the Riau Malay and the Malay Peninsula . Until now, the Indonesian is a living language , which continues to produce new words , either through the creation and absorption of the local language and a foreign language .
Although it is understood and spoken by more than 90 % of people in Indonesia , Indonesian is not the mother tongue for most speakers . The majority of Indonesian citizens use one of the 748 languages ​​in Indonesia aslanguage and Indonesian grammar is considered relatively easy .
Not infrequently students are treated as subjects Indonesian students in the Faculty of Literature and Language . After 12 years of studying Indonesian , whether they are able to speak Indonesian properly , either in writing orAnd what about the ability to speak Indonesian student S2 ? Just as students D3 and S1 , it turns out most of S2 and S3 students are weak in the Indonesian language . Brief exposure above proves the inability of most ( large ? ) Students in the Indonesian language , in this case written language . So what should be done by the Indonesian lecturers that not all Indonesian university degree ?
In other words , every lecturer must be able to be a lecturer Indonesian . Opinion articles relating directly or indirectly to the Indonesian that was published in the print media was not too be missed . In the context of this paper , not Indonesian lecturers teach students , but lecturers Indonesian and students alike to learn Indonesian . When some of these efforts may  earnestly and gladly by the Indonesian students and faculty , then we are sure our graduates are not only capable and skilled in  Indonesian language and writing , but also really love their national language itself .


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