The meaning of this Islamic victory is to conquer hearts . Namely conquering and to convince everyone that he is aware that he has Khaliq The Creator , who has created man to worship Him the Creator.

Broke down Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia is peaked lately ; coincided with the age of the peace organization that is reaching 105 years , also coincides with 105 years of National Awakening of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia . Ahmadiyah in almost 200 countries around the world , including 88 years they 've been in Indonesia . In May this year , the worldwide Ahmadiyya congregation appreciate 100 ( May 27, 1908 - May 27, 2013) the age of the establishment of Khilafat in the End Times are entailed by the patient 's community . Founded by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed to be the Promised Messiah - Mahdi - Messiah Jesus who promised , foretold by the Prophet / Apostle over the world 's most noble Prophet Muhammad Muhammad SAW in 1400 years ago .
At the date of May 26, 1908 Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died , then a day later , May 27, 1908 forwarded by the Caliph Hazrat Hakim Nuruddin to one , then the second , third , fourth and now the spiritual community led by the fifth caliph Hazrat Masroor Ahmad . Unidirectional communication done by the leader through the television channels ( Muslim Television Ahmadiyya MTA - ) which can be received clearly through low- tech parabolic antenna on the entire surface of the earth , not half-hearted full 24 hours without commercials, broadcasts them to hire 7 ( seven ) satellite in space there , anyone can see the development of this community really cool show Islamic organization , peaceful and beautiful .
Ahmadiyya community worldwide reaching approximately 200 million people , almost equal to the population of Indonesia . Most countries there are a lot of followers in the Bilal area of ​​origin . ie in parts of the African continent , then on the European continent , including French country , English , Dutch , Italian , German ; European continent people flocked begin to look Rahmatan lil Alamin Islam , in the Americas , the Arab region is also not miss , and in Asia the most are in India alone , Pakistan and Indonesia then there are approximately 500 thousand .
Da'wah worldwide Ahmadiyya mission is to deliver prescribed to His Majesty the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW , which reached victory of Islam in the End Times , and how the Islamic victory in syiarkan by the Ahmadiyya ? Symbols of Islam 's victory was not won and seized a mosque building , a piece of land or property . This victory is not through a battle that was won at sea , air or land . This victory is not through an expanse of desert warfare over Mesopotamia or the mountains of Afghanistan . This victory is not a victory against a particular group . No, not at all ! The meaning of this Islamic victory is to conquer hearts . Namely conquering and to convince everyone that he is aware that he has Khaliq The Creator , who has created man to worship Him the Creator.
This victory is to train someone to learn selflessness , so learning generous and virtuous , and train someone in ways filled with nature sorry , helper and affection . For Ahmadiyah is a success or achievement if one has learned to sacrifice for the benefit of another person ( donor blood , donor eyes , etc. ) , if a person has to feel sympathy for the poor , to those who can not afford and to the sick , if a person has learned sacrifice and helping others anyone in this world . If he has the desire , he is just eager to beg forgiveness from their Lord . This is what is meant by the victory of Islam .
Ahmadiyah Jihad that carry messages of peace . Jihad or war they waged for the good of future generations . They waged war against greed and selfishness . They waged war against all forms of violence, terrorism and ignorance . They waged war against poverty . Their battles waged solely against the philosophy of war itself , war against his own lust , and war is waged to achieve excellence peace .Thus , the principle of Ahmadiyya , Islam today is the victory will only be achieved when in barengi power of prayer can conquer the human heart . This is the Ahmadiyya weapons that will never be deflected . Jihad is the only jihad to spread the message of love and compassion , to create a spiritual revolution as taught and performed by Prophet Muhammad Prophet Muhammad and his companions , through their exemplary examples . They have become a living example of the teachings of Islam are beautiful and very interesting . If Islam means peace , and if Islam bring a message of love for all mankind , then Islam will be able to demonstrate the phenomenon of peace and love for the whole world .
Who does not know the Zafrulah Sir Muhammad khan ? A Pakistani official , former Minister of Foreign Affairs , Chairman of the Majlis -General, the Chairman of the International Court , known by the citizens of the world , he was an Ahmadi . One time someone asked Chaudhry Muhammad Zafrullah Khan :

" Chaudhry Sahib , you have to get success in your life and got so many gifts from Allah the Exalted in your life . Could you tell me , what is the secret behind all that ? " . Without hesitation and thinking he immediately gave the answer , " Because in my life , I obey the Caliph . "

Then who also does not know , Prof. DR . Abdus Salam , physicist , the world's first Muslim to win the prestigious prize Nobel laureate , he is also the sincere Ahmadis . In Indonesia, who does not know Olich Solichin Thomas Cup badminton championship team , he of Tasikmalaya , training in a meeting hall building at the intersection Nagarawangi . Then Arif Rahman Hakim , which was known as the Hero of the Ampera , etc. , he - he is Ahmadi .
Repeatedly stated that the Ahmadiyya spiritual community , the holy book of the Ahmadiyya community is not Tadzkirah , but al - Karim Quranul 30 chapters , 114 letters , 6,666 verses , that's the most important book of their grip . Take a look at the Qur'an printed by MORA , commonly distributed as Indonesian Muslims went Hajj , refer to the chapter "translations into Western languages ​​" , there was written " joined one of the Ahmadiyya activities translate Al - Quran , ... " . Translation of the Holy Quran and Tafseer in spread to many languages ​​in the world when it was headed by Khalifatul Masih second Ahmadis namely Hazrat Ahmad Mahmud Bashirudin .
Prof . Dr. . Hamka , familiar to our society , a leading alim , influential and include people who do not agree to the Ahmadis . However, Prof . Dr. . Hamka said and written about the Ahmadiyya Services as follows :

" The Tribe Ahmadi ( Ahmadi ) and their Businesses Spread of Islam in Europe and America , on the basis of their teachings , there is also a boondoggle for Islam . They Interpreting the Qur'an into these languages ​​who live in Europe . Whereas in the days of 100 years ago still prevalent belief should not interpret the Quran . interpretation of the second class of the Ahmadiyya Koran that generate interest for the group Wanted Awakening teachings of Muhammad back for deepening selidiknya about Islam .. " [ Islamic Studies , p . 199 , first edition 1956 , Publisher Moon Star ] .

Dr. . H Abdul Karim alias Haji Rasul Amarullah , father Dr . Hamka , one of the leading scholars of his time in our country and do not agree with the Ahmadiyya Missionary in West Sumatra in 1925/1926 . Even if he does not agree Ahmadis but not shy PRAISE SERVICES AND ACKNOWLEDGE AND EFFORT Ahmadi - Islamkan clicking the Christian .
He said in his book [ Al - Qaulush - Saheeh it . 149 , High Hill , 1926 ] :

" In the name of Islam and the Muslims of the world we really commend the movement of Ghulam Ahmad of their many exciting the Christians ( Christian ) converted to Islam in the land of Hindustan and other places .. " . In the case of Muhammadiyah Almanac . 42 in 1347 Hijri ; " preachers - Ahmadiyya Muslim preacher has been settled in the West , it is very hard to develop the teaching of Islam and leveling , begitullah continuous gradually coming on later , it's up there among the leading preachers of the Christian center in the land of Rome , Italy and about to in - Islamkannya ... " .

H. Agus Salim and HOS Tjokroaminoto " Islamic States Congress 26-29 January 1928 in Yogyakarta commemorate 15 years of the SI . Intended as the first , the Ulema Council also held , but Muhammadiyah would not have a seat in the House of Assembly that the actual presence of SI , so outside the organization , does not have any power . was discussed in Congress also interpretation of the text that is being done by Tjokroaminoto . From the first publications , ternyatalah that the interpretation was based on Tafsir Ahmadiyya . Inasmuch this among themselves arose in opposition hard . Salim explained that the interpretation of the text of all kinds , from the ancient , the Mu'tazilites , a Sufi and modern class ( of which the Ahmadiyya , a new Wahabi , and the Theosofi ) , Tafsir Ahmadiyya is the most good to give satisfaction the Indonesian youths are educated " . [ Mr . A.K. Pringgodigdo , History - movement is the movement of the Indonesian People , 1946 , fifth printing , 47 pages , Publisher People's Library ]
Prof . Dr. . Hasbullah Bakry ; renowned writer , scholar and Professor of Islamic Law and Comparative Religion says :

" Akhirulkalam we believe Ghulam Ahmad was great scholars , like other great scholars of Islam , while his followers are no doubt Islam , and one of those who consider infidels . May Allah . Further strengthens our opinion this by moving the other scholars in his defense , amen " . [ Guidance of Islam in Indonesia , p . 441 , printed to five in 1990 , Publisher University of Indonesia , Press ) .

Ir . Soekarno ( First President ) writes :

" Ahmadiyah is a big influence , as well as outside India . He branched everywhere , he spread a lot of libraries everywhere . Arrived in Europe and America he has read the books , got there he had spread propagandists . the style he has is a system of Islamic  apologetic manner , ie propagating Islam to defend Islam against the Christian world attacks ; propagate Islam to prove the truth of Islam in the face of criticism Christian world , yes ... Ahmadiy is an important factor in the renewal understanding of Islam in India , and is also an important factor in the propagation of Islam in Europe in particular , among intellectuals all over the world in general . " [ Under the terms of the flag of revolution . 388 , 398 , fourth printing , the first volume ]

And now in 2008 , television broadcast MTA 3 negroes of the African continents peacefully proclaimed " La ilaha Ilallah , Muhamadun Prophet " " La ilaha Ilallah , Muhamadun Prophet " " La ilaha Ilallah , Muhamadun Prophet "
In all parts of the world , wherever people are convinced with strong Ahmadi , There is no God but Allah , and that can not bargain anymore Muhammad is RosulNya .
Note :This article was written by Ahmad Nata in 2008so no data , in particular the date of our change .
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