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Praise author prayed to Allah SWT has bestowed grace, Taufik, and His guidance so that I can finish writing a scientific paper entitled Strategies to Grow Youth Creativity is fine. Not forgetting authors also thank Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd. as the supervisor who has provided guidance to the author in preparation to launch a paper writing scientific papers as well as possible. Papers scientific work is made to fulfill one task subjects Indonesian and is expected to assist the author in deepening strategies to foster creativity. In addition, the paper hoped that this paper can be useful reading for the readers in order to have high creativity. The author realizes that the preparation of this manuscript paper is still far from perfect. Therefore, with all humility, suggestions and constructive criticism improvement of scientific papers by the authors of this highly expected from the reader, in order to improve and enhance the manufacture of paper or other tasks in the future.

                                                                        CHAPTER I                                                                     INTRODUCTION
1.1 Background In this life it turns out that creativity is very important, because creativity is an ability that is very meaningful in human life processes to create and produce something that characterizes the history of human life with spectacular works. Creativity is not just luck but it is hard work to realize. Failure to creative people is simply a confounding variable for success. He will try again, and try again until successful. Creative people use the knowledge that we all have and make a plan that allows, and they are looking at everything in new ways. Basically teens are smart and creative figure. Unfortunately, they lack creativity is maximized, because of creative teenagers are teenagers who are full of imagination and able to create something new and useful for himself and for everyone. Every human being has a soul diverse creativity, and creativity is indicated by a different way as well. Just as the young people often spend the time to develop their creativity by making crafts only. Here I will attempt to explain a little about the different creativity, not only to develop their creativity through such a course. So that we can develop creativity, then as for the ways and strategies to foster creativity.
1.2 Problem Formulation Starting from the background of the problem, the author will try to convey the problems include: 1.) What is the reason for the importance of creativity? 2.) What kind of creative adolescents with different creativity? 3.) How do I get into a creative teenager? 4.) What strategies can foster creativity teenagers?
1.3 Objectives The purpose of this discussion is to explore how broad and how important creativity of a teenager, namely to know: 1.) The reason for the importance of creativity 2.) Youth creative with different creativity 3.) How to become a creative teen 4.) Strategy that can foster creativity teenagers.
2.1 Reasons of Creativity Creativity and creative imagination at its core is a person's ability to give birth, interpret, express, and create something new, either in the form of ideas and a real masterpiece. In this life it turns out that creativity is very important, because creativity is an ability that is very significant in the process of human life with spectacular works. Creativity is very important nurtured and developed in the child according to Meitasari Tjandrasa (1995:23). As this is a provision of early to establish themselves smart.
Reasons for the importance of creativity:
1. Creativity can build self-esteem. This confirmation process is the most fundamental messages children receive about its nature. Parents do not usually get around to tell their children about such things as the nature we have is precious and important. Instead, parents provide resources in a creative, self-expression recognizes, affirms the right of children to play and support the individuality of the child, of course, by the need to adapt and conform to the norms of the family and group. In other words, how to strengthen the adult nature of the child's value by supporting the children acted creative tendencies.
2. Creativity can strengthen self-awareness. Feel free to express yourself is a trait that fosters and nurtured by the creative process is a prerequisite for success in many fields. Children do not distinguish between himself and his feelings. As if what he feels is the child realize his feelings directly without converting, especially when children feel safe from the pressure. In an atmosphere of safety children can express feelings and be themselves. Through creativity, it is possible to improve the quality of human life. It was a logical consequence of the activities done. People will have a lot of creative ideas that can be developed so that it has the possibility to obtain a better welfare than those who are not creative. According to the authors, people who have a lot of ideas, have new discoveries and master new technologies will obviously have opportunities, better income than those who do not have it. Therefore, attitudes and behavior as well as the creative talent needs to be developed early on. It makes human resources in Indonesia that will come more qualified, not a victim of technology can precisely control technology which improves standard of living. So, that's the reason for the importance of creativity. Therefore, creativity should be developed in childhood, resulting in adolescence could grow even more.

2.2 Creative Adolescents with Different Creativity All teenagers are basically too smart and creative. However, different types of intelligence are also different levels. Every human being has a soul diverse creativity, and creativity is indicated by a different way as well. Here the authors not only discuss about teenage creativity in any narrow sense, as the young people often spend time with developing creativity by creating and producing a hand-crafted, and so on. Teenagers are teenagers with creative young people who have a lot of creativity in life. Teenagers are always having different ways to facilitate its work. Here I will attempt to discuss what kind of creative adolescents with different creativity.

Various different adolescent creativity: 1. The average person spends his spare time with the game. Some of the games that exist that can help to develop imagination. And there are also games that contain creative exercise. It also determined how much we memainkannya.Seperti play chess, tebak-tebakan/teka-teki. 2. Exercise in the open can bring to our tendency to think of how good and creative play. For example, the strategy in the game basball, football games during the attack, as well as fishing it also represents one of the activities that use a lot of creative imagination, such as the success of getting the fish was determined by the ability to use common fisherman creativity. 3. The art world also provide great opportunities for the development of creativity not only in the craft alone, but in the art of music, art, dance, literature and theater, creative imagination it is also very necessary. 4. When reading or seeing mystery stories will also provide exercise creativity. If when we read or see it acted as if it were a culprit, not just as a reader or audience. 5. Fabricate very useful to train the imagination. Facility in composing is as basic ingredients of creative talent. 6. The most direct way to improve creativity is to train or practice that creativity, that is the really thought of settling certain problems. 7. Teens are creative in economic matters. Namely creative teenagers in organizing finances and very clever to prioritize their needs. 8. Teens are creative in managing time. Namely creative teenagers in sharing his time, could put all the work in a timely manner and very clever use of spare time as well as possible to do things that are useful. 9. Teens are creative in imagination. Namely creative teenagers in the brilliant ideas. For example, the ideas to solve a problem, and using his ideas in making scientific work. 10. Teens are creative in innovation. Namely creative teenagers in renewing a discovery, reasoning, and judgment. Here they are able to think ahead and always up to date.
2.3 How to Become the Creative Teens Every day we are faced with a problem. To overcome these problems need to think creatively. Here I will attempt to discuss how we creatively.
How to Become the Creative Teens: 1. Preparing to make some planning ahead, have a strong will and believe that we can be creative. When they find problems in this plan, our mind will be motivated to make a renewal that requires creativity. Therein lies the core of creativity, which depends on our willingness to want new things. 2. After preparing some future plans, we try to implement those plans with relaxed. But when we do not find a way out, do not stop yet, but continue to explore new ideas to find the right idea to solve it. To get creative, we have to go through these problems beforehand, instead of avoiding it. 3. In digging creativity is to learn from mistakes and never slumped in a failure. 4. Doing something different. Doing the same job continuously, over time will make us feel bored. In addition, the knowledge and skills we are limited in the work-that's it. People who want to improve their creativity should dare to do things that have never or rarely done before, and better yet if the new activities we are doing to support the development of our main work. 5. Communicate with many people. Communication often come up with ideas that we never imagined before. Many people who voluntarily want to pass on his knowledge and his views on a matter if we ask politely. Join a community and actively communicate there, we will find many ideas and opportunities from there. 6. Lots of reading. High intensity reading will increase our knowledge on a variety of things. The amount of insight and knowledge that we have will greatly enhance our creativity as well, because when we face a challenge, we will be able to think, plan, and act on a variety of information stored in our brains. Because accurate information is one of the important factors that determine our success in the job. Such information can be obtained from a lot of reading (in addition to conducting their own research or ask someone else). 7. Making time for yourself. And a quiet atmosphere makes us able to think and concentrate, otherwise if we do something while turning on the TV or talking with others, it will divert our mind and we will not be able to work effectively. 8. Always curious about anything. When we build our skills and creativity, we must always have a clear view of all things. 9. Jot down whatever is on our minds. Usually we have a habit that is very helpful to train our creativity is often carrying a notebook and pen wherever we go. Because ideas can emerge at any time when we see or hear something. The idea can be quickly forgotten if we do not write it down in a notebook. This is very important because the idea is nothing new and is the foundation for doing something, it would be very unfortunate if the idea comes simply forgotten. 10. Observing something done by someone else. Creativity can also be constructed by learning what is done by others. From there, we can get inspiration and ideas for making our own work. 11. Challenge yourself. We should always want to develop ourselves and do not want to linger in the comfort zone to be a creative person. Creating a plan within a certain time period in stages, and challenge ourselves to realize our plan was. The change will force us to learn of something new and with persistence our efforts will not be in vain. 12. Take time to rest and relaxation. Working in a long time very draining and mind. Saturated at times like that, we will not be able to think clearly and work effectively. We will always wrestle with a sense of fatigue. Take a break and do the things we like to restore our spirits. When we have a fresh mind, that's a good time to be creative again. 13. Building trust is positive. The belief that all problems can be solved is a good attitude to improve creativity. Ideas and activities we may be underestimated by others, but if we are sure of what we're doing, keep doing and prove it!. Creativity will thrive even when a person is in a state which is not good if we are able to remain optimistic. (Wikan Kertanjali)
2.4 Strategies That Can Grow Youth Creativity Steps in Towards creativity: We should have full confidence in the ability of our minds. Believe that we can develop our thinking and improve our personality. We free our minds from the various shackles and barriers that hinder us to think creatively and correctly, including shackles and barriers related to our way of life, the shackles that are directly related to the expression of the power of our intellect. After the two steps above, is that we adapt to our reason. Sense that just like the body. Sense to have a variety of needs and requirements that need to be met. Sense necessary training, rest, work hard, and also relaxation. To build and develop the ability to sense that we are creative in thinking we feed our minds. To feed our minds, is that we move and take advantage of its potential. This step is very significant, which we ate members of our intellect by reading the Quran. This spiritual frequency proved a good food for the mind and spirit. To foster and develop the ability to be creative sense is we train our minds to be creative because we are equipped with real tools that allow us to do so. Presence or absence of trust and confidence in man, especially in the person of a teenager is one of the criteria for the emergence of creativity and innovative spirit. We also need to have dreams and hopes for the future. Now we learn new strategies to master the most important thing about ourselves. Here we begin to see a clearer picture of ourselves, as if we want to get a degree then we must begin to think to look for prior experience in that field. To foster the creative spirit that does require time, by writing the mission of our creativity is the best way to catch a picture of the future. And always remember our mission is to attach or store that can be encountered wherever we are. But do not expect our imagination will explode just like that without any effort. Creativity and innovation do not have to come from a great idea, could even emerge from small ideas. However, for some people, these small ideas fizzled without a plan to manifest. Here are strategies to foster creativity, where we can keep the creative ideas to keep flowing. By making these steps as part of our lives, which will provide strong support to creativity, facilitate innovation, and facilitate the process to resolve the problem.
10 trategi Cultivating Creativity: 1. Knowing what makes the spirit. Ie, we can achieve it by creating a mission, guidelines, or other important matters. By finding what truly makes us inspired to focus on the talent and creativity. This process is important for creative people, especially in adolescents is now endowed with bright ideas. 2. Finding ideas. That is how we can create a separate order of ideas that we find not forgotten or do not go away because we have realized that without a lot of creative thinking that is awesome. The way we can record these ideas in a book, or in places that require us always remember that place. Most importantly, the key is consistent and there are variations. 3. Spruce up your mind. Namely, should begin to record the daily activities to keep our minds drifting everywhere. Write what is in our mind, make a list of the results of the talks, the development of new ideas, and documenting dreams. It might very well be done in the morning when I wake up, and at night when going to sleep. 4. Enjoy creative ritual. Ie follow the activities are fun and entertaining. Enjoy this creative spirit can keep us fresh and could issue a new innovation. 5. Setting aside time for reflection and introspection. Ie setting aside time for reflection and introspection, such as behavior or thoughts that inhibit our creativity to flourish. How life situations that can eliminate up to reduce our creative energy. And heal ourselves from such constraints was that the right move. 6. Grateful. Thankful is a major part of the creativity. If we express gratitude and thanks to the simple things, we will be blessed with new ideas. Using diaries to make a list of all the things that grateful. If we suffer from stunted idea, sit down and write down 10 things to be thankful for. If we experience the good things, write our gratitude. 7. Appreciate. Namely found it to be appreciated for whatever we see and experience, for example, personal respect, beauty, business people, or crafts. Recognize and reward the work of those around us. 8. Creating community. Ie creating a community so that we can share the same interests. Telling our feelings, both made passionate or otherwise, as recounted the successes, frustrations, or the things that make us stress. Community at this time we can find on the internet websites, mobile relationship, individually or through other media. 9. Ignoring negative votes. Ie, do not care about the negative voices in our mind that says, we are not able to, we can not change, or be creative not for ourselves but for others. We must be aware, that sounds like it is an illusion in the mind that prevent us from developing into a better one. 10. Celebrate the small victories. Namely creativity does not always have to appear on the big things. Rather it appears from the smallest things. If we try, at least one of the 10 in this way, we can certainly rest assured that little victory. (AMCJ)
Thus, the authors conclude that in order to foster the creativity it requires its own strategies with regard to the steps in creativity.
3.1 Conclusion In this life it turns out that creativity is very important, because creativity is an ability that is very significant in the process of human life with spectacular works. Creativity can be nurtured from an early age, both in skills, the arts, in science, technology, and economics. Since the kids are trained to develop the imagination with games and guided by a guidance pattern corresponding to the characteristics of the child, then in adolescence they can develop their creativity to create things that are more useful to themselves or society. The authors also concluded that in order to foster the creativity of adolescents requires its own strategies with regard to the steps in creativity.
3.2 Advice Adolescence is a picture of the future of "The Future". If not start learning from small things such discussion is written above, chances are, we are not in vain in the face of reality or a bigger problem in the future. Therefore it would be better than now to start to fix the little things that will have a big impact in the future. Creative thinking is not a talent, but something that needs to be explored. Every person has the potential to be creative, depending on the willingness, effort and hard work. Thus the creative thinking is necessary, because adolescents are characterized by always looking for creative ways to bring forth a different idea.
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