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Writing about the Cooperative in Indonesia .. Essay on " Cooperative in Indonesia " . Keywords cooperatives , cooperatives in Indonesia , various cooperatives in Indonesia .Paper is made so that we know about the meaning and formal Cooperative widely .Everything is organized or incorporated necessarily have a purpose , history , development, and therefore in this Essay we can know , and to know about the kind of - kind of Cooperatives in Indonesia .

backgroundAt this time there are still many people who do not understand the importance of the role of cooperatives as one of the business sectors of the Indonesian economy . Perhaps there are many people who consider cooperative financial institution merely ordinary . But from the fact that the cooperative is one of the three formal business sector in the Indonesian economy . In its activities , in addition to emphasizing the social and economic interests , economic activity also emphasizes the moral importance . Examples of Cooperative Educational eg cooperatives and Cooperative Fishermen . Cooperative called as the pillars of the Indonesian economy .
problem Formulation1.What is meant Cooperative ?2.How History Cooperative in Indonesia ?3.How Role of Cooperatives in Economic Life ?4.Apa Basis / Principle , Purpose , Function / Role , and the Cooperative Principle ?Cooperative Formation 5.Bagaimana ?6.Apa Devices Organization , Capital , Industrial , and Business ProfitsCooperative ?7 . How Dissolution of Cooperatives , Institute of Cooperative Movement and Guidancecooperative

Objectives and Benefits Discussion
All who do must have a purpose . Similarly, the work ofOur science is bunk . Writing scientific papers describing the importance of this aim .

cooperatives . Then try to explain the ins and outs of cooperatives so that the readercan be understood and to understand more about the cooperative .
Research MethodsThe method used in this paper is , methods of literature that is , the method to retrieve data from library materials relevant to materials research . In addition , the method used is the observation that , with the method of data collection using the senses .Basis Theory
1.What is meant Cooperative ?Cooperative Co and word is derived from the operation means working together to achieve goals . Thus , cooperative etymologically means a concerted effort to achieve the goal . Businesses in question is a joint venture in the field of economics . Furthermore , what is meant to achieve a goal which is to achieve or improve the welfare of the cooperative according Cooperative Act No. 25 of 1992 concerning n is a business entity consisting of persons or legal entities with the bases cooperative activities based on the principles of cooperation as well as economic movement people are based on a family basis . From the definition it is clear that the cooperative is a cooperative association of people who recognize the same specific needs among them . This same need is jointly sought fulfillment through together in a cooperative effort . Persons or legal entities that join the voluntary cooperatives , on the awareness of the need together , so that the cooperative no element of coercion , threat or interference from the lain.Jadi , cooperative Indonesia has the characteristics as berikut.a.Koperasi Indonesia is a collection of people and not a collection of modal.b.Koperasi Indonesia together , work together based on equality , rights , dams kewajiban.c.Segala Indonesian Cooperative activities conducted on the awareness of the members , should not be done by force , threats , and interference from other parties who are not related or not has nothing to do with the internal problems of cooperatives .2.How History Cooperative in Indonesia ?In 1896 , there was a duke ( viceroy ) in Purwokerto , Central Java , who pioneered the establishment of cooperatives in Indonesia . He was Raden Aria Wiriaatmadja . Cooperatives were founded at that time to help the lowly clerk who lives a very poor economy . The cooperative called Hulp En Spaarbank . That is , the bank rescue and , as occupiers at the time, took over Hulp en Spaarbank , and turn it into a bank with a community bank name . Expropriation of the work of the son of Indonesiadid not dampen the spirit sons and daughters of other Indonesian nation to establish cooperative . Budi Utomo in 1927 in Surabaya managed to turn the village into a cooperative bank and establish harmonious peasant in several places in East Java . Well , from the cooperative development undertaken by agencies nationwide movement at that time , then in 1939 had been established in 1712 koperasi.Ketika Japan came to Indonesia in 1942 and took over the occupation of the Netherlands , was established by the Japanese government cooperative society called Kumiai .Kumiai establishment is just a tool to blackmail the people of Indonesia . Because of this , the people's trust in Japanese -style cooperative dwindle . At the beginning of Indonesian independence , turning it into a cooperative board Kumiai . Then on June 12 , 1947, in Tasikmalaya , West Java held the first congress of the cooperative . The Congress resulted in several decisions , including : a. organization called the Central Organization of Cooperatives of the Republic of Indonesia ( SOKRI ) .METHODOLOGY OF WRITING
a. The time and place of writing
Jakarta, May 2010

b . The method of writingThe method used in this paper are the methods of literature , namely , the method to retrieve data from library materials relevant to materials research . In addition the method used is the method of observation , namely , the method of data collection using the senses .c . Step-by- step writingCover , Sheet Endorsement , Foreword , abstraks , Table of Contents , Chapter I Introduction , Chapter II Basis of theory and frameworks , Writing Methodology , Chapter IV Discussion , Chapter V Cover .
3.How Role of Cooperatives in Economic Life ?Cooperatives are the pillars of the national economy , resulting in the economic life of the nation of Indonesia is very important cooperative . The role of cooperatives as contained in Law No. 25 of 1992 Abouti as a movement to establish and develop the economic capacity of the cooperative members and the community at large . With cooperatives , economic and social welfare and cooperative members of society will increase .Cooperative actively participate in efforts to enhance the quality of life of the people as the economy  strengthen basic strength and resilience of the national economy . d.Koperasi realize and develop the national economy based on the principle of kinship and economic democracy .
4.Apa Basis / Principle , Purpose , Function / Role , and the Cooperative Principle ?a. Objectives and Principles of Cooperatives1 ) . anvilAs well as homes , to establish a solid cooperative foundation necessaryparticular . This is a basic cornerstone beachhead that allowscooperative to grow and stand firm and grow in the implementationits efforts to achieve the goals and ideals . The cornerstone of the cooperativeIndonesia as berikut.a ) . PancasilaPancasila called idiil cooperative foundation .Called idiil foundation , because Pancasila was used as the basis or foundation of businessto achieve the ideals of the cooperative . Cooperative as a collection of people or legal entity which aims to improve the welfare of members. movementcooperatives as an economic organization of the people that right to life guaranteed by the Constitution1945 will aim to achieve a just and prosperous society . So , the goal .
( 1 ) Cooperative ConsumptionConsumer cooperative is a cooperative that seek daily necessities , such as food items ( such as rice , sugar , salt , and cooking oil ) , clothing items ( bleak batik fabrics , textiles ) , maid items daily use ( such as soap , kerosene , etc. ) . The goal is for members of consumer cooperatives - can buy consumer goods with good quality and a decent price .( 2 ) Cooperative ProductionCooperative production is a cooperative activity that is engaged in the manufacture and sale of economic goods , whether committed by cooperative organizations and the people who are able to produce goods and services . Thus , to greater extent to the welfare of members . Such people are the workers and the employers . For example, Dairy Cattle Breeders Cooperative Banbu and Rattan Crafts and Agricultural Cooperatives .( 2 ) Credit Union or Savings and LoansCredit cooperatives established to help members lend money loan with low interest . The money was intended for production purposes . Therefore, the so-called cooperative provide loans , cooperatives need capital . The main capital comes from savings credit cooperative members themselves . The deposits are collected together it loaned to members in need. Therefore , credit unions more appropriately called store credit unions are helping each other , improve the state of the economy , or the welfare of members . As for how credit unions in assisting member state of the economy as follows .( a) assist the members of the credit purposes , which desperately needs the terms denagnmild conditions .( b ) Educate the members , so enterprising of saving on a regular basis , so thatform of equity capital .( c ) Educate members living frugality , by setting aside a portion of incomethem .( d ) Increase knowledge about cooperatives .( 4 ) Cooperative Services
Service cooperative is a cooperative endeavor in the field of providing specific services for members and the general public . For example Transport Cooperative , Cooperative Insurance , Housing Cooperatives and Cooperative Telecommunications ServicesService cooperative was established to provide the service or services to its members . There are several kinds of cooperative services as follows . ( A) Cooperative transport . ( B ) Cooperative housing . ( C ) Cooperativeelectricity . ( d ) Cooperativeinsurance . ( 5 )cooperative versatile all-round effort i that provides a wide range of economic terms , such as production , consumption , credit , and services . The government advocated the establishment of Village Unit Cooperatives ( KUD ) that form business cooperatives . The villagers formed a unit KUD . If at all possible , to set up more than one KUD . KUD members are the people who live and or operating in the territory of the village unit . Because the diverse needs of rural communities , cooperatives have a variety of functions . among others : ( a) credit . ( b ) The provision and distribution of agricultural inputs and keprluan everyday life . ( c ) Processing and marketing of agricultural products .( d ) Perform other economic activitiesThus , KUD is a mix of cooperative activities of production , consumption kperasi , credit unions , and cooperatives jasa.b ) Cooperative by level , cooperatives can be divided into four kinds as follows .( 1 ) Primary  Cooperative is a cooperative whose members are 20 orbetter . For example, the Police Primary Cooperative .( 2 ) Cooperative PusatKoperasi center is a cooperative whose members are 5 pieces of primary cooperatives and working areas of the county and the city . For example, the Police Cooperation Center ( Puskopol ) .( 3 ) combined  Cooperative is a cooperative whose members at least 3 pieces of the central cooperatives and working areas of the province . For example, the Police Cooperative Association ( Gabkopol ) .( 4 ) IndukKopeasi Cooperative is a cooperative whose members holding at least 3 pieces of joint and cooperative working areas throughout Indonesia . For example, Parent Cooperative Police ( Inkopol ) .c ) Cooperative Cooperative efforts in the field according to its business fielddistinguished as follows

( 1 ) Cooperative is a cooperative agriculturalstir in the fieldagriculture . For example , cooperative onion , cooperative sugar cane , and tobacco cooperatives .( 2 ) Cooperative is a cooperative stir in the fieldfarm . For example , chicken pieces cooperatives , cooperative quail , etc. .( 3 ) Cooperative  carriage is a cooperative engaged in the transportation of both goods transportation and public transit . For example, a taxi driver cooperatives ( Kosti ) .
CONCLUSION :" The economy is structured as a joint venture based on the principle of kinship " . And " wake-up company that is in accordance with the cooperative " . Encouraged ideals - ideals that people , law - law on cooperatives No. . 25 of 1992 states that in addition to cooperative enterprises are also popular economic movement .ADVICE
Cooperatives in Indonesia should not to extinction , because manybenefits that we can take to use . Hopefully with the Cooperativesociety to prosper because it is one of the goals of the Cooperative
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