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Khairunnisa, 2013 "Painting means" interview with Mr. Deden.
Scientific paper titled this painting means to discuss the work of art, we can know that every painting has a special meaning. The painting Outpouring someone who poured into the canvas and paint, Thus creating a work of art that is so beautiful and the painting has a special meaning.
Painting Existed since the prehistoric times, at that time they did not know their letters and interpret it by drawing on cave walls. Since then painted it there.
Times have changed, changed prehistoric times to the modern age of art has many streams items, namely the classical flow, flow romanticism, realism, Naturalism flow, flow impressionism, Pointillism flow, and others. iii
Painting a depiction of an object from a flat plane involving ekspersi, emotions, and ideas creator in full. Painting medium can be anything such as canvas, glass, paper, board, and the wall can be considered as a medium for painting. The tools used can also vary, with a particular condition can memberiakan imagination to the media being used. which is generally referred to with draw we draw the exact same with an object. For example, we will look at a building, we will draw using perfective and drawing techniques with the exact same line with the object in sight. The difference with paint, paint is spilled or ideas that we thought and then describe the object and can certainly be added to a variety of creative ideas.


Problem Formulation obstacle when painting? 2.How how to paint properly? 3. first time that developing a painting?
The purpose of writing · Knowing the history of painting. · Knowing the types of paintings.
The benefits of writing Paint or draw so much , the most useful benefits is to hone the right brain which means it will hone fine motor skills, focus training on the job, emotional, maintaining the balance of right brain creativity and left brain so that the brain is not tired or when addressing the issue of arithmetic or social . There are many branches of art that can be understood better as calligraphy, sculpture, batik and more every object we see and  that we feel can be an inspiration for us to pour right into the painting and not damage or interfere with public facilities.
History of painting
Strongly associated with the art of painting a picture. prehistoric relics show that since thousands of years ago, our ancestors had already started to make drawings on cave walls to tell the important parts of their lives. At times the painting has special uses, for example: as a recording media (in the form of such) for re-profiled. Leisure moments in prehistoric times one of them filled with drawing and painting. way of communication by using an image forming growth eventually writing system because the letters actually came from the symbols on the image which is then simplified and standardized.  is the first artist-senian on earth and that's when drawing and painting began leaning into art activities. So the development of art in Indonesia especially painting is not widely known. It was because papers that explore the art of travel are still few and limited to academic circles. However, lately a lot of artists that explore and write about art and art in Indonesia, especially
Various painting flow
1. Classical flow Art is the art of painting classical painting that has its own character and characteristics. because of the characteristics of classical painting is very interesting what else of color paintings very blend all of the colors blend.
2. Flow romance Romanticism is painting with the flow trying to evoke memories of romantic and beauty in every object. 6 3. Realism Within the meaning of art objects in an effort to show the work as shown in the daily krhidupan without additional frills or a particular interpretation 4. Flow naturalism In berate art displays a realistic objects with emphasis natural setting.
5. Flow impresionalisme Impresionalisme painting is a style of painting various lighting emphasizes the impression of strong colors, while men do not form a priority.
6. Flow pointillism Pointillism style of painting is by using a touch point to form an object image and when viewed from a certain distance can demonstrate painting. 7.
7. Flow ekspesionalisme Ekspesionalisme is the tendency of an artist to distort reality  effects, movies, architecture, and ymbo.
8. Cubism Cubism is likely to do business flow abstraction of objects into geometric forms to get a certain sensation.
9. The flow of surrealism Stream flow surrealism is mostly resemble the forms that are often encountered in the dream.
10. Abstract flow The flow of abstract painting that leaves the common forms, is more oriented symbols and blend.
The place and time of study
The location that I took at Studio Painting Babakan Siliwangi, Jalan Babakan silwangi.
Materials and research tools
Ø Material: · Books · Ballpoint pen Ø Tool: · Mobile

4.1 Discussion According to Mr. Deden I interviewed: For a painter does not get too hung up on types of realism paintings, for example, the classical flow, flow romance, streams and other Naturalism or glued to form beliefs in general and so it always starts with the study. But then there are developments now fixated on streams to impressions, naturalistic, abstract, realist and others. And the last one is suppose there are works of art konteporer, and so many other types of painting. Mr. Deden itself is not very important in matters of art schools such as more confidence in the idea, that every idea arises that would later give birth to a masterpiece. Technically relatively easy to paint depends on the readiness of a person who wants to paint. Work it if not accompanied by only possess skills that idea is not necessarily to give birth to a work of art. Because creating works of art that should be coupled with skills and ideas. So the barriers for a painter that is dependent on the idea. Everyone is relatively young age or children it must all have experienced using such language. At pre-school age SD was always using such language means painting also exist in childhood. Regarding the price of the painting is relative because it depends on the painting. If the auction hall could be tens of millions could be hundreds of millions. So one wants to buy a painting that saw paintings by means of a painting. Fine art is actually a special commercially sell the painting in the gallery-gallery including in the auction hall  spot paintings that are ready to sell and the artists did not paint the They haphazardly looking for inspiration in the places which they convenient to paint 10. In language arts we want if we want to convey something and submit it with canvas and paint. If no canvas and paint no longer represent it with the idea it was not going to produce beautiful art. So with that we need the notion of the body as well as media and propulsion, and space also need a comfortable place to paint.
From the results of these interviews I can conclude that the painting has existed since prehistoric times or our ancestors. In the days of their ancestors painted on cave walls in ancient times not recognize letters and their  by painting. And the painting  own meaning. And until now the art of developing and increasing the added paint modern times has painted painting streams that flow classics, romance Flow, Flow realism, flow, flow impressionism, pointillism flow, flow expressionism, abstract flow and others.
Suggestion Keep creating works of art. because in every painting it certainly has its own meaning. Painting can make us more calm because that's where we pour our hearts into the canvas and paint. Thus giving the painting contains the meaning of the painter's own.
Bibliography · Deden. 2013.bandung.seniman · Http:// · Http://
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