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KTI example Midwifery , Thesis title , Scientific Writing , Thesis - of course as a student would end obstetric departments require referesnsi or scientific Essay examples or commonly referred to as one of Obstetrics EI administrative requirements to complete their education are experts in obstetrics .

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Title KTI Midwifery - Knowledge Level Cadres IHC About Immunization Basics The Work Area subdistrict health center Corner ::::

1.1 Background - Scientific Writing obstetricsPosyandu cadre is the main pillar of development, especially in the field of driver health ( ) . They are self- involved by health centers in rural health services , one of which is the Polio immunization . Without their health care activities in the village does not make much sense ( Mardiati , 2006) . Posyandu cadres should be able to be a neighborhood health center managers , because they were the most understanding people in the region ( Dinkes.Prov . East Java , 2006) . Cadres in charge of implementing the extension in posyandu , one counseling about infant / toddler on immunization schedules and benefits ( Dinkes.Prov.Jatim , 2005) .
Immunization efforts need to be increased to achieve a high level of community immunity so PD3I ( diseases that can be prevented by immunization ) can be eradicated , eliminated or controlled by the Kep . No. Menkes . 1611/Menkes/SK/XI / 2005 on Guidelines for Implementation of Immunization ( Dinkes.Prov.Jatim , 2006) .
Indicator of the success of the immunization program is successful if the target immunization coverage to reach the target UCI ( Universal Child Imunization ) ie 86 % of infants had been immunized ( ) .
Today, the village is reached full basic immunization coverage above 80 % for children under 1 year only about 73 % ( Van , 2005) . The low coverage may be due to lack of socialization immunization activities conducted in posyandu cadres , including the possible impacts and ways to overcome them ( Ginter , 2005) . Many extension table that does not run due to lack of knowledge of self  cadres in doing counseling ( ) . So there are mothers who are reluctant to bring their children to the neighborhood health center , as long as there is no explanation of the possibilities that may occur as a result of the immunization and what to do if the chances of it happening ( Ginter , 2005) .
1.2 Problem Formulation Midwifery ThesisWith the above background , the authors wanted to knowthe extent of knowledge about basic immunization cadre posyanduThe working area of ​​the health center Corner District Mojoroto CityKediri .
1.3 Research Objectives
1.3.1 General PurposeKnowing the level of knowledge about basic immunization cadre posyandu
1.3.2 Specific Objectives

Know the cadre posyandu knowledge about the understanding of basic immunization and immunization .
Know the cadre posyandu knowledge about the kinds of basic immunization .
Know the cadre posyandu knowledge about the benefits of primary immunization .
Know the cadre posyandu knowledge about the basic immunization schedule .

1.4 Benefits of Research1.4.1 For Researchers

Add insight to researchers regarding the level of knowledge about basic immunization posyandu cadres in the Work Area Pustu Corner Kediri District Mojoroto
Develop the ability of researchers to apply the knowledge of research methods in real problems that exist in society

1.4.2 For The Research

As an overview of information about the level of knowledge about immunization posyandu cadre base so it can be used to determine the next steps .
For additional information regarding immunization for cadre base .

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KTI Midwifery Framework Concept
KTI Midwifery Framework Concept
CHAPTER IIIMETHODSSample Thesis Midwifery

3.1 Research Design
Design research is a research strategy to identify problems before the final planning of data collection ( Nursalam , 2003) .
The study design used is descriptive research that aims to describe ( explain ) the events that happen in the present . Description of events done systemically and more emphasis on factual data rather than inference . Phenomenon as it is presented without manipulation and researchers did not try to analyze how and why this phenomenon occurs , therefore this type of research is not necessary that the hypothesis ( Nursalam , 2003 ) .
3.2 Population , Sample and Sampling3.2.1 Population
The population is the entire subject of research ( Nursalam , 2003) .
In this study population was all cadres posyandu some 45 people in the Work Area Pustu Corner , District Mojoroto , Kediri .

3.2.2 SampleSamples are priced segments of the population that can be used as research subjects by sampling ( Nursalam , 2003) .Samples taken in this study is partly posyandu cadres working in the area of ​​health center stand .

3.3 Criteria Samples3.3.1 Inclusion CriteriaThat is the general characteristics of the study subjects and affordable targeted population to be studied ( Nursalam , 2003) .
Criteria for inclusion in this study : posyandu Cadre Work in the Region Puskesmas Corner .

CHAPTER IVRESULTS AND DISCUSSIONKTI example Midwifery , Thesis title , Scientific Writing , Thesis

This chapter will describe the results of research and discussion to determine the level of knowledge about breastfeeding mothers about immunization posyandu knowledge base in working areas Pustu Corner Kediri District Mojoroto .

4.1 Research ResultsBased on the results of a study conducted on 14 to 20 July 2008 in the Work Area Pustu Corner Kediri District Mojoroto the number of 40 respondents obtained the following data :

CHAPTER VCLOSINGRecent examples of KTI Midwifery
5.1 Conclusionsuggestionbibliography
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