Healthy Foods That Are Good For Our BodyHealthy food . There are many things done by all of us to keep our bodies healthy , stay fit and perform well or we want to improve our body fresh . As we exercise regularly , or set up a good diet . and much more
Exercising is very important to support the health of our bodies , because the exercise can refresh or refresh our bodies back .
1 . apple
Nutrition Research Newsletter published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that the apple is to eat a snack right before you start exercising . Sugar content is not too high and contain pectin fiber to regulate blood sugar absorption . Pectin fiber complex carbohydrates that belonged either as an energy source . In addition , apples are also rich in vitamins , minerals , and antioxidants . That way , we can be more intense exercise without worrying about fatigue !

2 . Red potato
" In the red potatoes , contained beta - carotene which is converted in the body into pro - vitamin A. Then , the pro - vitamin A is converted again into vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a major role in producing connective tissue of the skin , " said David Katz , MD , director of the Prevention Research Center , Yale University . By eating sweet red in the right portion , we will grow healthy skin . Plus , we are also so rarely sick .

3 . Dark Chocolate
Healthy chocolate is that it contains at least 70 % cocoa or what we call dark chocolate , " said Macdonald . Recent research on the benefits of chocolate , chaired by prof. Ian Macdonald , proving that chocolate can improve blood flow to the brain for 2-3 hours after drinking it . Increased blood flow to the brain may help improve memory . Macdonald is a professor of physiological metabolism expert from Nottingham University . " Chocolate contains flavonoids which makes blood flow more smoothly and also increases brain alertness . Healthy chocolate is that it contains at least 70 % cocoa or what we call dark chocolate , " said Macdonald .

4 . avocados
According to the Flat Belly Diet book , The Breakthrough Plan , written by the editors of Prevention , the most effective diet to shed fat is containing MUFA ( monounsaturated fatty acids) or monounsaturated fatty acids . One of the most recommended is the avocado . MUFA -rich diet not only helps you lose weight , but also specifically to shed fat in the abdominal area . MUFA can also lower cholesterol , prevent blood clots , reducing the risk of heart problems and diabetes type - 2 .

5 . oyster
2009 study published in the Nutrition Journal said , oysters contain lots of zinc and calcium for bone formation . Plus , help form bone collagen , which form the skeleton bones to be more flexible . The content of zinc in the oyster is also beneficial for improving endurance, forming muscle tissue , accelerate the growth of new cells , preventing enlargement of the prostate gland in men , prevent pneumonia ( pneumonia ) .

6 . chicken
This protein is rich in an amino acid called tyrosine , which is useful to increase the production of dopamine and norepinephrine , a chemical in the body that works to improve mood, increase energy , and help the body adapt to stress . Similarly, according to biologists and nutrition Banderet , LE , and Lieberman , HR the results of his research , entitled Treatment with Tyrosine , a Neurotransmitter Precursor , Reduces Environmental Stress in Humans .
Research suggests that tyrosine can also help alleviate depression . The conclusions derived from the results of a study of patients with Alzheimer's and dementia . Mentioned , cooperation between tyrosine and other amino acids , can reduce stress common in people with Alzheimer's and dementia .
Healthy Foods That Are Good For The Body hopefully we can help you in improving your health
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