Financial Planning: Between insurance, unit-linked and Investment - Warren Buffet, leading investment figures provide an interesting suggestion about an investment. Many of us are stuck with the mindset that the rich need to invest first, whereas according to Buffett invest in finance and you will be rich. There are many instrumental investment in Indonesia, ranging from commodities (gold, silver, etc.), capital markets (stocks, mutual funds, etc.) through a combination of insurance and investment products that we are familiar with the term Unit Link.

So whether you choose the product most appropriate and for you? Let's look at the product details so that you can choose the most appropriate product for you. The main thing is determined at the beginning: "Whatever the product of your choice, return to the beginning of your financial goals".

Initial purpose of Your Financial Planning

In principle there are two things that we must understand in the beginning:

    You are looking for product protection or
    You are looking for investment products

If you are looking for protection, such as older age (over 50 years), take only pure insurance with no investment, eg life insurance, personal accident, health insurance etc.. If you dare to take risks and gain hunting / big profit margins, just take a pure investment product without any protection, such as stocks, mutual funds, gold, etc.. Both of the above options will provide maximum results for your financial goals.

How about a combination of the two products above? One thing is for sure, the result will not be maximal, but you will get the above two financial goals at once, namely protection and investment. Meaning what? The value of the premium you pay will grow, and you will also get a choice of self-protection appropriate insurance cover that you take a second though not above the maximum benefit than if you take one product alone.

The table illustrated as follows:
Additional explanations of financial products that distinguish the three above:

Link units, Sum (UP) in the event of a claim, will be small because many premium allocation in the investment sector, while for pure insurance its great value UP. For example, there is a claim dies, the unit-linked products would only give his portion alone worth UP, if the value of the investment has not grown, while if pure insurance full value without the UP would cut the cost of investment.

    You can imagine, for example when the policy holder dies conduct claim, again unitlink prices fall dramatically, then the heirs will only get a very small UP. Unit Link Insurance is suitable for young ages below 35 years, whereas for those who have entered old age 35-50 years old, you should take a pure insurance protection without a large investment that results when there is a claim that its great value UP.
    Simple illustration, for example if you take pure insurance product with premium 500ribu, then we will get insurance cover to the value of the  with Link Units, however, this product requires that we were saving for life so that we could also covered up to a lifetime. In the meantime if you take insurance or unit-linked investment plus a premium of 500ribu/bulan for 10 years then you can get lifetime insurance protection coveran although its value UP smaller than pure insurance. Premium to cover for protection during the lifetime of unit-linked products taken from the level of return of investment.  

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