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Alexa Traffic Rank is a rough estimate of the popularity of a blog or website in a particular country or globally. Bloggers generally wise submit your blog or website to Alexa, even many famous sites as well use it, making it one of the reference ranking a site.
Search engines like Google have many methods to put a website on the front page of the search, one of which refers to the ranking in Alexa. If good Alexa rating, it's likely an article appeared on the front page, can automatically increase the visitors. Using Alexa thus becomes one important additional point.
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Alexa provides information about the popularity of the daily number of visitors, page views, keywords, categories and other update (updated) every day. So by installing the Alexa will benefit more, in order to analyze the data more accurate.
Tips on How to streamline (increase) or Rank Alexa rank:

Use a lightweight template, or try weighing not more than 100KB pages, you can measure an article URL / Homepage, one in General Search Engines crawl leading 100KB. Blogger Templates original provision if the measured light around 50KB. Except for websites that are known to many visitors.
Not too many unnecessary links yard, because many search engines crawl sites limit (crawl) to approximately 100 links on a single page.
Install Alexa Plugin / Browser Toolbar, select simple or disable unnecessary, even if you open the blog itself, it will be calculated by the Alexa toolbar, and then the data is sent to the center.
One of the best ways is good in that article Submit VivaLog, Cross, because this website has a lot of unique visitors from national and foreign.
Only 4 Tips on proved to be very powerful, good luck ...
To use do not always have to install the Alexa widget her, but the most important is installing its meta name placed <head> section.
Alexa list of some free and paid, free is quite favorable. Here's how to install the Alexa meta name, this step is used to claim ownership of a site: 1. Visit 2. Register (Create an Account alias sign-up) as generally using email or facebook. 3. Verification email from Alexa (if using email) Click the link the link.
Verify notification when using facebook.
If it comes in, there is usually above the inscription 'Welcome'. 4. Once the verification is complete, go to page
Note: Select the Verify Ownership (Select Verify) 

Verifikasi Alexa Verification Alexa
5. Blog or website name in the box provided, if it is convinced his choice then proceed (Get Started). 6. Select Free next page (The Internet).

Fitur Pemilihan Tipe AlexaFeature Selection of Type of Alexa
7. Claim Your Site On Page
Select the second method (option 2) to verify the site, this option is recommended.

Klaim Kepemilikan Situs Di AlexaClaim Ownership Site In Alexa
Description fig, <meta example name="alexaVerifyID" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />
8. Open new tab page, login to the blog, go to your blog template (Edit Template), Copy and input the code meta name marked, in part <head> template (aka below) then save the template. 9. Back to the Alexa verification page, and then click Verify my ID, if true then no notification will succeed - your site is succesfully Claimed.

Verifikasi IDID Verification
10. Until this step actually been completed. The following additional, if you do the next step could fill data if desired (option would be filled or not).

Formulir lain dari AlexaAnother form of Alexa
Similarly, how to install the Alexa meta name, hopefully useful. If already installed, hopefully more accurate analysis of Alexa, because it has been registered. If you want to install the Alexa widget too easy, depending on the will.
Here's How to Install Alexa Widget in Blog. 1. Visit this link 2. Enter the URL into the box according Blog desired widget, click Build Widget.

Memilih Tipe Widget AlexaChoosing Type of Alexa Widget
3. Copy the code provided in the appropriate box widget models.
Alexa Widget Code
4. Enter the code of the widget in the Add a Gadget (HTML / JavaScript) On the Blog.
or anywhere else you want to pair the template in the blog .. 5. Completed, then do not forget to Log Out
Similarly, how to install the Alexa widget, hopefully useful.
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