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On this occasion I will share an article dealing with " COMPUTER SECURITY " Who knows not what is meant by security computer ? ?
Computer security is a branch of technology known as information security as applied to computers . Targets include computer security as the protection of information against theft or corruption , or the preservation of availability, as described in the security policy .
Below are some examples of computer security :

1 . Disaggregated data by the Operating System ( OS )Separation of data is done by storing the data in a different drive or partition with the OS drive or partition . If your computer has more than one hard disk ( HDD ) , then the data should be placed in a different HDD with OS . And if there is only one HDD , then the HDD should be partitioned into two or more , and save your data on a separate partition with the OS .I myself HDD split into three (3 ) partitions . The first partition for the OS ( Windows XP ) . The second partition for data . And a third partition to master the software and entertainment file2 suppose the song .
2 . Install Anti- VirusViruses are the most important threats to the computer . Viruses can come from anywhere , could be from a floppy disk , flash disk , LAN and Internet . Because the virus can come from anywhere then you should install anti- virus the first time after installing the OS . And a few things to consider in choosing anti- virus is :· Select the anti- virus that has the ability to " real time protection " or " live guard " . With this capability since the virus first detected the virus will try to infect our computers .· Select the anti- virus is always updated every day . This is caused by the development of the virus very quickly , so the anti-virus updates required periodically .· Ability to perform anti- virus scanning of e - mail is a thing to consider , especially for your e - mail client sort of outlook or eudora . Because the virus can enter by e - mail , then with this capability , an e - mail will first be scanned before it is stored on our computers .· The ability to clear the virus without damaging the data is an added value . Because we want to clear the virus without damaging the data , then this ability is needed . While it is true that it is better to lose one file of the entire file , but certainly better not deprived of right file ... ?· The ability to scan a computer in the network also needs to be considered . Due to this ability we can clean up other computers affected by viruses .· And for emergency purposes then you need to have an Anti Virus Emergency Disk or the like .Some of the suggested anti- virus is Avira Antivir , AVG and Avast . Because the three anti- virus has the capability of real time protection , auto updates and FREE ! ! !A unitary system is interconnected elements so as to form a group to carry out a targeted principal purpose ( Onno W. Purba : 2000 ) . Computer systems are the elements related to running an activity using a computer .
The ultimate goal of a computer system is to process data into information .The computer system is an electronic network that consists of software and hardware that performs a particular task ( receive input , process the input , store commands , and provides output in the form of information ) . Moreover, it can also be interpreted as elements related to running an activity using a computer . Computers can help people in their daily work , the job such as: word processing , processing rate , and image processing .
Elements of a computer system is composed of human ( brain ware ) , software ( software ) , set of instructions ( instruction set) , and hardware ( hardware ) . Thus the components of an element that is involved in a computer system . Of course, the hardware does not mean anything if there was not one of the other two ( software and brain ware )

3 . Install Anti SpywareIn addition to viruses , the threat to our computers come from spyware . Although the boundary between viruses and spyware is not clear , but a lot of spyware that is not recognized as a virus . Therefore anti spyware is also required . Consideration elections together with anti- spyware anti- virus is the most important real-time protection and auto- updater . Ability scans e - mail , network scan and clean the computer without destroying data files is an added value . For the FREE version you can Comodo BOClean .

4 . install FirewallFirewalls are necessary to limit access to your computer . Because the virus can come from anywhere , including on the network , then the firewall is required . A firewall is the first line of defense by restricting access to your computer . The firewall will also ask what applications are allowed to access the internet . Because the virus can be derived from the ( free ) software that has been installed that download viruses from the Internet . For Windows OS , does have a default firewall ( Windows Firewall ) but for the firewall is more flexible and more capabilities , you can install another firewall . Some firewalls can be considered is FREE Comodo and ZoneAlarm firewall .
5 . Create a User Double for OSThe last step needed is to make more than one user account on your OS . One made ​​as an administrator user who has full access to your computer , including install and uninstall the software . While other users make as a normal user who has limited access . For this the user should not be given access to install and uninstall , and make it as user usr Your daily .After the five steps above you have done , secure is your computer ? Unfortunately no one in this world is completely safe . But at least you have a stronger defense to minimize attacks on your computer . And do not forget to periodically scan your computer manually ( eg once a week ) .
The computer security system that includes the following "

The first origin of the word " Hacker " originated from about thun 60's in Las Vegas held a game ( Game ) which uses a computer network system ( networking ) which means it's game over each other trying to get into the computer system opponents ( other players ) and incapacitate . from here then the people named group of young people who follow this permainanan as " Hackers " is a group of young children who are able to break down and cripple the computer systems .

Designation for those who go into other people's systems and more destructive crackers , usually on a computer network , bypasses passwords or licenses computer programs , computer security against intentional , deface the ( changing the home page of the web ) belongs to others even up to download delete the data of others, stealing data and generally cracking to his own advantage , malicious intent , or because of other reasons because there are challenges . Some of the piercing is done to show the security weaknesses of the system.

White Hat
The term information technology in English which refers to an ethical hacker who demonstrated a weakness in a computer system . White hat generally focuses its action on how to protect a system , which is contrary to the black hat are more focused action on how to break through the system .

Black Hat
The term information technology in English which refers to the hackers that those who break the security of computer systems without permission , usually for the purpose of accessing computers connected to the network . The term cracker is made by Richard Stallman to refer to hackers in this sense .

script Kiddies
Levels of the lowest level , they only know about the basic how to modify scripts or programs to support on the internet looking for articles , forums and Youtube . All the information they collect to modify existing scripts by trial and error . Their ability to make or break a program is low .

Elite Hacker
Also known as 3l33t , 3l337 , 31337 or a combination of it is the spearhead of the network security industry . They understand sistemoperasi , able to configure and connect a global network . Capable of programming each day . A very natural grace , they are usually efficient and skilled , using knowledge to the right . They like stealth to enter the system without in the know , although they will not destroy the data . Because they always follow the rules.

Something related to a computer system that allows a person to operate and run correctly , or allow unauthorized parties ( hackers can ) take over . There are many types of vulnerability . There is a misconfiguration in setup service , or the service programming flaw .

Security Hole
Cracks of security is a system / machine This is due to the weaknesses in a system configuration ( Configuration Vulnerabilities ) etc , so used to breaking into a computer network administrators unnoticed

a mistake , error , deficiency , or failure often occurs on a computer program that impede the course of the program as appropriate

fragility attacking software security (security vulnerability ) are specific but not always aims to launch an unwanted action . Many computer security researchers use the exploit to demonstrate that a system has a fragility .

logical Bomb
is a program that is incorporated into a working computer to check on the condition of the collection system. If the condition is met , then the program will execute commands in it . The program runs if there is a trigger . Usually the trigger is if the user runs a specific program or pressing any key on the keyboard .

Penetration Testing
Experiments verify protection mechanisms created by the system / Testing Weakness Against Corporate Information Systems
So the conclusion of computer security article is one important aspect of a system indormasi .
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