Teachers Workload Data Manipulating Face to Face
Cheer them a teacher who had the opportunity to participate in the selection of certification portfolio , in order to get an additional allowance equal one times base salary ( Act No. 20 of 2003 on National Education System and Law No. 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers ) . It is expected that teachers are already considered professional can further improve its performance .Starting from a summons for selection of certification , the teacher began compiling material fortofolio . With a minimum limit value fortofoilio , teachers began trying to find a gap to perform a variety of ways in order to limit the minimum value can be fulfilled . In ways that are less commendable terbesit minds of teachers who did not meet the minimum value . There is a letter which makes the task of Asphalt ( real or fake ) and there are others in falsifying the certificate had . There's even changed the name on the papers or books that module not work . While the principal can not refuse to certify these letters . The teacher had never participated in school activities , but in these Asphalt assignment letter is always listed , by way of making a new appointment letter , as if the teacher is active in various activities at school . For those who have a bachelor's S - 1 or D4 , they began to come to school while in college is not accredited either . Thus emerged karbitan education scholars are only limited to black and white scholars . Because the scholars of this kind is not much different when they are not scholars .Busy to attend seminars everywhere , which of course just want to get the certificate alone . There are only signed up but did not join the seminar , there are even a number of actors who try to sell the certificates at a price that varies between Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000 depending on the number of hours of seminars and seminar levels ( local or national level ) .Those who pass the portfolio of course very relieved and are considered professionals , while yet must follow Teacher Education and Professional Training ( PLPG ) in each work area . In this PLPG implementation issues arise . Teachers who are already aged over 50 years may no longer be able to follow the training well all day . There are teachers in contact with high blood pressure , arthritis , diabetes , gout , etc. , such a phenomenon is certainly not so significant government programs . Where many teachers outside of school so that teaching hours are often abandoned .After undergoing strenuous PLPG and mind , then follow the practice exams and written . Exam is what they really look professional teacher or not . Because in some regions where PLPG on average 50 % more participants PLPG not pass the exam . Ironic that a teacher who always manganjurkan students to study hard in order to pass the exam , the teacher turns himself did not pass the exam .PLPG in Surakarta many participants did not pass and finally a demonstration demanding that the manager PLPG held and requested re-examination be passed . Though the demonstration has been doing re-examination up to 3 times . Even to face PGRI chairman and Provincial Regional Representative Body ( BPD ) in Semarang Central Java ( Suara Merdeka ) .After it passed fortofolio or PLPG , the problem arises again in her school that the teacher should have a workload of at least 24 hours of face to face and as many 40 -hour - to-face in 1 week ( Act No. 14 of 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers ) . This problem arises because the previous teacher workload has only 12-18 hours of face-to- face , especially at the junior and senior levels of the study group a little amount but many teachers . So that teachers in some schools perform data manipulation on Principal SK , namely SK division of tasks and schedule teaching subjects . This manipulation just to be reported to the upper level of the institution . After manipulation of the data , the teacher still only execute workloads 12-18 hours per - week face-to -face , even the teachers did not show better performance .Therein lies where teachers are less commendable action is to do the lies . No half-hearted teachers teaching hours taken without any consultation , so that there was an internal conflict in schools . This is the portrait of Indonesian teachers who are already considered professional .Furthermore, when the government ( Dedpdiknas ) will conduct an investigation into the schools to monitor the performance of teachers who are already considered to be the professional ? .UNAS and Teacher Cheating
Is it true dignity and good name of school principals is on the National Exam graduation rate of students ? .In some schools teachers are doing fraud in the implementation of the UN / UNAS . Forms of cheating include: Teachers help their students do the problems , the teacher gives the answer key to the student, the teacher let the students cheating , the teacher let the students work together among friends in one room even the principal giving instructions to the invigilator so that students are given the widest possible freedom in do the exam questions .The trick is : first , after the committee took the manuscript UNAS matter , about the next one is taken out of the envelope . Then the teachers who are considered able to work on the problems and was told to make an answer key . Once the answer key is distributed to one of the students , then the students spread to his friends before the test begins . Second , make child is considered capable of working on the exam and children who are less able to do the exam . In a room filled with 20 participants and a minimum of 2 students who are able to be filled . A matter of helping students with  which gets about A , B and helping students with questions about his friend who got a B. Furthermore, supervisors have been encouraged by the head of the local schools to give students the freedom to cooperate and supervisors do not pretend to know or supervisors told to drink once in office . Third , students were told not discolor or answer sheet is not answered . After the answer sheets are collected , the next action is the teachers make improvements at work in a confined space . Wrong answers changed to correct answers and answers that are still vacant immediately correct discolored by the teachers . Fourth , the teacher gives the answer by using the leaked key communication tools such as Hand Pone ( HP ) . Of course, this fourth model , students have at urge to bring HP into the exam room .Models of this kind of cheating students pass 100 % certain . Schools that can boast a 100% pass principals , teachers , students and parents . Thus the name of the school well received positive appreciation by the higher institutions and the surrounding community .
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