The concept of improving the quality of education is a central point of management school based quality improvement . The concept of school -based quality improvement emphasizes the independence and creativity of school . The quality improvement is not only seen from the results achieved by the students alone , but the beginning of the learning process .

According Umaedi ( 1999:10 ) , that educational processes and outcomes are interrelated . We can not produce the quality of education that is not accompanied by efforts to improve the learning process . Thus , the learning process get greater emphasis than learning outcomes .

In elementary school , social studies lesson covers three subjects , namely geography , history , and economics . Geographic special on a lot of subjects presenting maps , all of which must be mastered by the students . Teachers have often asked students to memorize the names of the states contained in the maps and the location show up the country on the map. However , this activity does not produce effective results . Most of the students are still much less memory and can not existence of the state on the map , so it 's still learning social studies for obstacles . For this reason, the author felt the need to look for other alternatives in order to effect social studies , particularly on the subject of Understanding Map of Africa in the sixth grade , which is the jigsaw puzzle game .

Teachers are those who are directly responsible in creating effective learning and are required to also increase student achievement . Implementation of this is implemented in the day-to- day learning process in the classroom through a variety of activities .
Jojo ( 1999:115 ) argues that " the school environment plays a role in developing a child's creativity . " It can be done if teachers to develop creative learning activities . One of the learning activities that can foster children's creativity is to hold the game , such as : jigsaw puzzle .

Jigsaw puzzle is a kind of puzzle game puzzle pieces compose the image . The trick is very simple , blind students are exposed map ( African continent ) , and then they were given pieces of the state to be placed on the map . Pieces of these countries adjusted to the mall that has been provided so as to form a map of the African continent . These types of games are generally well-liked by the children , in addition to fun student , these types of games encourage them to think creatively .

The selection of games , considering the age of primary school students are included in the ongoing childhood between the ages of 6 to 12 years , during which the children tend to love playing and getting to know the wider environment such as school , neighborhood , and began know the game that so many models and manifold . This is in line with the opinions Santoso ( 2002:46 ) , " children need to be given the widest possible opportunity to play together her friends so that children skilled , healthy , able to develop imagination or fantasy , to train the child thinks even talking . "
From the above explanation , the authors will describe in detail ( detail ) regarding the implementation of the jigsaw puzzle in understanding the game map the continent of Africa , following the preparation and the results that have been obtained in the field .

1 . preparation
Preparations that need to be done before the lessons begin , among others, as follows :
Teachers prepare blind map of Africa on paper thick cartoon ( cartoon rice ) measuring 21 cm x 30 cm ( Kerta A4 ) , as in the picture below .
europe – 2
Teachers cut pieces following countries country names contained in the map of the African continent in accordance with the limits ( lying )
 Teachers make five pieces of the African continent , namely : North Africa , Southern Africa , West Africa , East Africa and Central Africa in the cartoon paper measuring 40 cm x 60 cm .

2 . implementation of Activities
Implementation of the activities carried out in the form of spriral cycle , meaning that begins by presenting the map blind and back again like at the beginning of the activities . Stages of activity can be done as follows :
Phase I :
Students are given a map of the African continent blind following snippet countries as a group .
    Members of each group a maximum of 7 people and a minimum of 5 people .
    Students were told to pair the pieces according to the countries that have supplied the mall .
    The time allotted approximately 20 minutes .Students stopped working on this activity if time has supplied over. Teachers check students' work , for students who have put them together correctly rated , and those who have done given the guidance to complete.

Phase II :
Mal teacher attach the African continent on the board . Students put a five- piece African continent in turn. Students to name the five countries of the African continent . Teachers assess students' work . Execution time of approximately 20 minutes .
Phase III :
Teachers put a blind map of Africa on the board . Students countries contained in the map blind turns. This activity lasted for 20 minutes .
3 . closing Activities
The event ended with an evaluation activities . In this activity students are given a map of the blind back again individually , then each student write down the names of the states contained in the blind map . Time activities performed approximately 15 minutes .

Students' work will be assessed . Students who have been true to write the names of as many as 65% of the state declared a success . If students answered less than 65 % then they should be given remedial , ie by giving a homework assignment .

From the results of the implementation of the authors in the field , these activities provide many benefits as :
Generally, students interested in this game activities .Classroom atmosphere created by passion .
    In classroom interaction between students and students and between students and teachers  More student activity than teacher . Students in creative activities . Students are motivated to do the activity . Students are able to work together in a group . Time is used more effectively and efficiently .

In addition to the above benefits , the implementation of this activity has some constraints as follows :

    Costs necessary to make a large enough props . Classroom atmosphere became crowded ( a bit noisy ) .
1 . conclusion
Of some of the above exposure to the authors conclude that playing on a jigsaw puzzle can facilitate students to understand and state names on the map . Learning activities can be carried out effectively and efficiently . In addition , these activities can spur students , and encourage students to think and active in the learning process .
2 . suggestion
Of implementation of field trials , this activity is in need of teachers' creativity and support of school principals . So, I would suggest :
Teachers who will teach social studies , especially in the world map to student teaching , playing on a jigsaw puzzle can apply this to the students .
To the principal , should be able to provide infrastructure and support costs in implementing this activity .

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