The Role of Communication and Information Technology in the Implementation of Online Distance Education in Indonesia preliminary Distance education is a set of methods of teaching where teaching activities carried out separately from the learning activities . Separation of these activities can be both physical distance , such as teaching participants residing far from the location of educational institutions . Separation distance can also be non - physical in the form of emergency situation where a person who lived near the location of educational institutions but can not be participating in learning activities at the institution . Separation of the activities of teaching and learning activities is a typical characteristic of distance education .
Distance education system is an alternative to equal opportunities in education . This system can overcome some of the problems caused due to non-availability of qualified teachers . The education system is training teachers and learners should not be in the same geographical environment. .
The purpose of this system development , among others, to implement the applications of web-based distance education on the websites of distance education which developed in the working environment in Indonesia together with other partners . In understood the system consists of a collection of applications that can be used as a tool in distance education activities to the delivery of distance education materials that can be done well . Supporting facilities of distance education is information technology . Emerging information and communication technologies in distance education is very helpful at all . As can be seen , with the advent of online education , either formal or non - formal , using the facilities Internet.  teaching system that can be done is by direct instruction ( real time ) or by way of using the system as a concentration of knowledge ( knowledge) .
. This allows the formation of an opportunity for anyone to participate in various levels of education . A graduate can go on to graduate school online to one of the colleges of interest.

Distance Education System
Although technology is an integral part of distance education , but education programs should focus on the instructional needs of students , rather than the technology itself . Need also to be considered , age , culture , socioeconomic background , interests , experience , education level , and familiar with distance education methods . Important factor for the success of the distance education system is a concern, confident teachers , experience , easy to use equipment , creative use of tools , and to establish interaction with students . On systems development need to be considered on the design and development of systems , interactivity , active learning , visual imagery , and effective communication . Design and development of systems . instructional development process for distance education , comprising the steps of design , development , evaluation , and revision . In designing distance education instruction effective , must be considered , not just goals , needs , and characteristics of faculty and students , but also the needs of the content and technical barriers that may occur . Revisions were made based on feedback from instructors , specialized content producers , and students during the running process .
Interactivity . The success of distance education systems among others are determined by the interaction between teachers and students , between students and the educational environment , and between students . Active learning . Active participation of the participants of distance education affects how they relate to the material to be studied .
Visual imagery . Learning through television can motivate and stimulate the desire in the learning process . But lest distortion due to entertainment . must exist between information that is not useful with the quality , and determine which ones are not worth it , identifying deviations , distinguishing facts from which not a fact , and understand how technology can provide quality information .
Effective communication . Instructional design begins with understanding user expectations , and to know them as individuals who have a different view of the system designer . By understanding the user 's demand , it can be built an effective communication .

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