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Justin Bieber says that he wrote one of his songs in the middle of nowhere . Now I had the opportunity to visit the country to the middle of nowhere . And without me accidentally I found an old man who developed intestinal tumors . He also referred to the general hospital Dr . Anu . With insurance for the poor .  turns out that the hospital is not able to handle the illness that required surgery . The patient was referred to the hospital Prof city . Dr. . So and so . Arrived at the hospital it was already 9 pm . Say to the patient's family that the hospital was full . Families are advised to go to hospital dr . Embuh . Though hospitals are now bigger than the hospital dr . Embuh it . The doctor smugly gave some money to transport the patient to the hospital suggested it . Families who doubt the suggestion that calling other family members who happen to work in healthcare . The family did speak for itself with the doctor . He said that if he did not want to take care of the patient and he will report to the complaint . Strange , the doctor looked frightened and immediately find room for the patient . Letter of agreement to refer is already signed , torn by the doctor . The patient was operated on and in the next few weeks , he can go home . Patients go home and cared for at home . Unfortunately the operation was performed did not work either . He again referred to the general hospital Dr . Anu because if he was rushed to the hospital Prof . Dr. . So and so , the condition is not possible . Get the stay he gets his room and doctor visits . The doctor distended stomach fat and bald-headed it said out loud : " Why are not referred to the hospital Prof . Dr. . So and so wrote ? ' . After that he reveals blanket to see the wound and passed with supercilious . What he said was what people were angry . Because many patients who prefer treatment outside the city rather than go to hospital Dr . Anu whose services are not satisfactory . Surprisingly it was very emotional to be addressed by the hospital . And instead of improving the performance and service . Moreover if traced back, not referring to Prof. hospital . Dr. . Dr. So and so is the hospital . Anu himself for not being able ?
Dr. ugly hospital services . Anu can be seen when it arrived - suddenly appeared a young doctor who also supercilious to the hospital room . Then without ba bi bu , he asked : " In this room , the sick -so who is it?" . I laughed . Is not he supposed to ask the nurse ? Period he asked to the patient ? People - rich people are lucky because they can use the money to get good health care . Poor people who have to surrender with this kind of poor health .


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