Basically there are two types commonly known in the community
Academic certification ( actually not exactly called certification ) that give degree , Bachelor , Master , etc.Professional certification . That is a certification given by a particular expertise for certain professions .
While professional certification basically has 3 models , namely :
Developed by Professional Society , for example, the British Computer Society ( BCS ) , Australian Computer Soicety ( ACS ) , South East Asian Regional Computer Confederation ( SEARCC ) etc Issued by the Community of a profession , for example Linux Professionals , SAGE ( System Administration Guild ) , CISA ( IS Auditing ) [ ]
    Issued by the vendor as an example MCSE ( by Microsoft ) , CCNA ( Cisco ) , CNE ( Netware ) , RHCE ( Red Hat ) etc . Usually the skills needed to obtain these certificates are very specific and very oriented on a product from the vendor .
Procedures and Requirements to Take the Certification Exam for Every Type Profession
Should be based on exams and quite difficult and has several levels  The training center must be certified before it can offer a certification Certification should not be dependent on a company or an institution . But the vendor certification should also be recognized as a component to obtain professional should encourage the formation of local industry .
Certification must minimize the gap between the university (education ) and industry . Mapping should be developed between academic certification and professional certification . Also reducing the gap between research and industrial activities . Certification should encourage people to understand the basic knowledge related to the profession of applied expertise . This will help people to improve their knowledge , because they do not ahnya learn from " particular expertise " for a while , but they have the basic knowledge for understanding new technologies .

Certification can not ignore the diversity of people . For example, language , and customs . So as to competence in the field of communication , the ability of the local language should be considered as well .
A. Certification for Programming Languages
There are two IT certifications in terms of mastery of skills related to programming languages ​​, which is sertikasi for the Java programming language and programming language certification for using the Microsoft platform . Net
Java certification can be used by at least four segments . First , those who want to make a career transition from non-technical positions to applications and software development . Secondly , those who are already engaged in the field of IT and intend to make the shift position in the company where they work . Third , Java consultants who want to validate their skills and increase their credibility in the eyes of the fourth are IT professionals who are thinking of moving companies .
Climb Stairs Sun Java Certification offers three levels of certification for Java programmers . From basic level to advanced level are: Sun Certified Programmer , Sun Certified Developer , and Sun Certified Architect .
For developers there are two types of certificates offered by Microsoft in recognition of its expertise in the knowledge and skills of Microsoft . Net : Microsoft Certification Application Developer ( MCAD ) and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer ( MCSD ) .

B. Certification for Database
After discussing certification for programming languages ​​, this section will discuss a wide certification for skills in database technology is widely used . We chose to Oracle and Microsoft certification for SQL Server .
Until now the second largest software company in the world is still the largest market share for connoisseurs of database software . This makes it one of the certification Oracle certification is the most popular and sought after . Certified Report 2002 IDC report mentions that Oracle certification is the most sought after by the quality of the IT market .
Certified Oracle DBA is certification that tests mastery of technology and solutions in carrying out the role as the Oracle database administrator . At this point there are three levels of certification the following certifications :
• Oracle Certified Associate DBA
• Oracle Certified Professional DBA
• Oracle Certified Master DBA
Microsoft offers one type certification for its flagship database product technology acquisition , Microsoft SQl Server . Microsoft Certified DBA certification is given in recognition of the ability to design , implement , and administer Microsoft SQL Server databases .

C. Certification for Office
For desktop applications , Microsoft Office applications may be most familiar with our work everyday . Ranging from helping to write a letter to the project plan . Popularity of Microsoft Office applications and ease of use is often made ​​many users do not feel the need to study it seriously . Though it may result in a lower utility actual utilization of various features provided by Microsoft Office , and unwittingly makes the work not as efficient as it should be.

Certification Microsoft Office Specialist ( Office Specialist ) is the premium certification for Microsoft desktop applications . This certification is a certification by global standard for validating expertise in using Microsoft Office in improving labor productivity .

The focus of the Office Specialist certification is to evaluate a thorough understanding of the Microsoft Office programs and Microsoft Project , the ability to use the advanced feature-feature , and the ability to integrate the Office programs with other software

Office Specialist certification is available in three lines : Editions Office 2003 , Office XP , and Office 2000 . For each certification path is divided into three levels of expertise , the Specialist , Expert , and Master .
In addition to programs that include Microsoft Office application suite , Office Specialist certification also offers a special certification for Microsoft Project 2002 and Microsoft Project 2000 . Office Specialist certification exams for Microsoft Project is focused on the ability to use a variety of tools Microsoft Project in the implementation of the various stages of the project , such as project planning , customization and reporting project progress chart , and facilitate team collaboration and communication activities
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