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Administration of educational facilities is very supportive of the achievement of the objectives of education , as a personal education we are required to master and understand the administrative infrastructure , to enhance the effective and efficient work and are able to appreciate the work ethic education , so will create harmony , comfort , which can lead to pride and have a good sense of school community and the surrounding communities . AKN educational environment that is positive or negative depends on the maintenance of facilities and infrastructure administration itself. Limited personal knowledge of the school administration will administration of educational facilities , as well as the lack of interest of them to truly understand the background for the preparation of this paper .


A. Definition of Infrastructure Management
Management ( management ) equipment ( infrastructure ) is the process of planning, organizing , procurement , maintenance , removal , and control of logistics or supplies . ( Soebagio M.I. 1988)
B. Education advice
Educational facilities is all the equipment , materials , and furnishings that are directly used in the educational process at the school . Educational facilities are classified into three kinds , namely :
1 . Exhausted or not used
a. educational facilities used , any material or equipment which when used can be discharged in a relatively short time . Example , chalk .
b . Educational facilities that change shape , for example , wood , metal , paper and cardboard are used by teachers in teaching .
c . Means durable , is the overall materials or tools that can be used continuously and in a relatively long time . Example , school , typewriter , atlases , globes , and sports equipment .
2 . Moving at least when used
a. Educational facilities that are moving education facilities yan be driven or moved as needs of the wearer , for example cupboard school archives .
b . Educational facilities are not moving , are all means of education that can not or relatively very difficult to be moved , for example, the channel of the Regional Water Company ( PDAM ) .
3 . Conjunction with the learning process .
Judging from his relationship with less teaching-learning process , educational facilities can be divided into three kinds , namely :
a. Learning tool , is a tool that is used directly in teaching and learning , such as books , stationery , and practice tools .
b .auxiliaries education and teaching , can be either actions , or objects that are easy to give sense to the students in a row from the abstract to the concrete .
c . Teaching aids , educational facilities which are used as intermediates in the learning process , to further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in achieving educational goals . There are three types of media , ie audio , visual , and audio- visual .
C. infrastructure
The educational infrastructure in schools can be classified into two types , namely :
1 . Education infrastructure that is directly used for teaching and learning, such as the theory of space , library room, practice skills , and laboratory space .
2 . school infrastructure whose whereabouts are used for teaching and learning, but directly support the teaching and learning process , for example , office space , school canteen , the land and the road to the school , a small , a school health, money teachers , principal's office , and parking of vehicles .
D. Type of Infrastructure
PP. 19 Year 2005 on National standards Article 42
i . Each unit shall have a means of education which includes furniture , educational equipment , books and other learning resources , consumables , and other equipment necessary to support the learning process orderly and sustainable .
ii . Each unit has a compulsory education infrastructure includes land , classrooms, educational unit leaders , educators space , administrative space , a library , a laboratory , a workshop , a production unit , cafeteria space , power installations and services , places of exercise , place of worship , a place to play , a place to be creative , and space / place as needed to support the learning process of an orderly and sustainable .
E. Infrastructure Standards
Regulation No. 24 Year 2007 on Infrastructure Standard SD / MI , SMP / MTs , SMA / MA
i . Infrastructures standard SD / MI

G. Infrastructure Management Process
According Subagio Atmodieirio (2000 ) , management ( management ) equipment includes the following functions :
1 . Functions of planning and determination of need
Through plans and the determination of the need to be generated include: purchase plan , rehabilitation plan , distribution plan , lease plans , and plan-making .
2 . budgeting functions
This function consists of activity - business activities and to formulate the details of the determination of the need for a standard scale , the scale of the currency and the amount of expenses with respect to the direction and restrictions apply .
Infrastructure budget include : purchasing budget , budget repair and maintenance , storage and budget , research budgets , and budget goods .
3 . procurement function
Procurement is an activity and efforts to increase and meet the needs of goods and services based on state laws to create something that has not been ad to be there .
Procurement can be done by: purchase , lease , loan , gift ( grant ) , exchange , manufacture , and repair .
4 . storage function
Storage is a business activity and perform the maintenance organization and arrangement of goods in the supply of storage space . storage functions include storage spaces , management of storage , and safety .
5 . distribution function
Distribution is an activity and effort to do the maintenance , administration and regulation of the transfer of goods from one place to another , ie from storage to points of use .
6 . maintenance functions
Maintenance is a process of technical conditions and to maintain the efficiency of the means of production or work facilities ( infrastructure ) with roads , repair , rehabilitate and improve it .
7 . removal function
Function is the elimination of activities and efforts of liability exemption of goods in compliance with the applicable legislation .
8 . control functions
Control functions are functions that regulate and direct the way the implementation of a plan , program , project and activity , either in the form of management of the setting or through actions to optimization intervene in the administration of a plan , program , proyk , and activities by implementing elements and units .


Administrative infrastructure is all the equipment , materials and furniture are directly used in the pross education in schools . As for the purpose of administrative infrastructure is that PBM ( learning process ) more effective and efficient in order to help achieve the educational goals that have been set .

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