1 . preliminary
Bali island is often called this island is famous island until the end of the world . Bali is very famous for its natural beauty possessed . Bali Island which is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands capital in Denpasar , and is geographically located at 8 ° S and 115 ° East . This area also has a climate that teropis like other Indonesian regions .
Geographically, Bali province bordering province of East Java and Bali Strait in the west , in the north of Bali Sea , Indian Ocean in the south , and the Lombok Strait on the east .
Tourist spots frequented than the Ubud Denpasar city itself as a center for the arts located in Gianyar regency which is the island's highlands . While Kuta , Sanur , Seminyak , and Nusa Dua are some places that a tourism destination , both tourist beach and just a place for tourists to rest .
Tribes located on the island of Bali is divided into two tribes of Bali Aga who was a native of Bali , most of them living in the area Trunyan . Then the tribe which is Mojopahit Bali Bali Bali Hindu or descendant of the royal Mojopahit . Balinese culture can be said is typical or very original because its people to uphold the culture of their ancestors and have not been influenced by other cultures .
2 . Elements of Culture
a. religion
Portion of the population adheres to Balinese Hinduism approximately 95 % of the total population of Bali , while 5 % of them embraced Islam , Christianity , Catholicism and Confucianism.
Life goal of Hinduism is to achieve balance and peace of life , physically and mentally . Hindus believe there is one God in Trinity concept form , ie a form of Brahman ( the creator ) , a form of Vishnu ( the protector and maintainer ) , as well as the form of Shiva ( the destroyer ) . Hindu places of worship that were encountered in Bali called Pura , Pura very often found in the homes of the Balinese Hindu community in a variety of forms depending on the economic conditions of the society . While places for ancestor worship called Sangga . Hindu religious scriptures are the Vedas which originated from India .
Balinese Hindu community who have died will be held ceremonies sanggat Ngaben deemed essential to free the spirits of people who have passed away from worldly ties to heaven . Cremation is a cremation ceremony that has been so prevalent in Bali . The feast of the people of the Hindu religion is the celebration of Nyepi whose implementation Saka new year on the 1st of month 10 ( kedasa ) , except that there are also Galungan , Kuningan , Saras Wati , Tumpek Landep , Tumpek Uduh , and Shiva Ratri . Most of tourists both domestic and foreign tourists to Bali to see or even engage in religious ceremonies during the festival of Hindus in Bali .
b . Social organizations
• Marriage Withdrawal in the lineage leading to the Balinese people are patrilineal . Caste system which greatly affect the course of a marriage , because of a higher caste woman when married with a lower caste man is not justified because there will be a deviation , which would shame the family and bring down the prestige of the entire caste of female children .
Then in some areas of Bali , enforced submission also customary dowry ( petuku luh ) , but at this time , especially in those families are educated , this culture is no longer enforced .
• Community
There is a whole community of life Balinese village which includes two terms , namely : Indigenous Villages and Countryside Agency ( administrative ) . Both are a union territory but the traditional village or related to any religious tradition , while the village is the unity of the administrative offices . Traditional village activities focus on the areas and religious ceremonies , while centered on the village office administration , governance and development .
• Kinship
Customary for those who settled in Bali after marriage affects kinship relationships within a society . There are 2 kinds of indigenous settled that often apply the traditional retreat is customary justify virilokal newlyweds settled around the center of the residence of the husband's relatives , and tribal customs that define neolocal the newlyweds lived alone place the new residence . Bali resident , has called Banjar neighborhoods , each of which has a head as Kelihan Banjar . Banjo banjo headed by Klian tasked with dealings in the field of social and religious life , but sometimes banjo also have to solve problems that include indigenous issues land , and the things that are administrative.
c . language
Most of the Balinese language Balinese and Indonesian , and even the majority of Balinese people are bilingual or trilingual . English is the third language and other foreign languages ​​is a major for the Balinese people are influenced by the needs of the tourism industry . Balinese language is divided into two , namely , the language of Bali Aga language that is more pronounced in the rough that is usually used by the Sudra , and the Balinese language Mojopahit more subtle language pronunciation used by the Brahmans , the Ksatrian and the Vaishyas .
d . art
Bali is inseparable with its variety of arts . In fact most of the Balinese livelihood in the arts , such as sculpture , painting, dance and drama and music. The art of dance culture in Bali is generally divided into three categories , including the guardian or dance performances only in sacred ceremony , bebali or dance performances for ceremonies and also usually often in the show to welcome visitors who come to Bali and balih - balihan or nature of dance for entertainment . One type of art that is in Balinese dance and is very popular for tourists is the Kecak and Barong Dance .
Types of traditional Balinese music actually has in common with the traditional music that is in many other parts of Indonesia . However, there are some characteristics in engineering and gubahannya play in the form of Kecak . Kecak is the art of singing that supposedly mimic apes . Traditional musical instruments in Bali are , Gamelan , Jegog , and Genggong .
e . Typical food
So many specialties that are in Bali , typically Balinese foods using a variety of spices to cook , so the flavor of the spice mixture is very pronounced when we tasted the original Balinese food . Each district in Bali have special food nyamakanan examples of traditional Badung , there jejeruk chicken , chicken satay wrap , lawar kuwir , and jukut ares . For Denpasar area itself mostly found betutu chicken , nasi campur Bali and many others .
f . Traditional House Bali
Traditional House Bali is an application of the philosophy of the community Bali itself . There are three aspects that should be implemented in them , aspects pawongan ( human residents of the house ) , attenuation ( location or environment ) and parahyangan . They consider the dynamism of life will be achieved when the realization of a harmonious relationship between all three aspects. For the construction of a Balinese house should include these aspects or the so-called Tri Hita Karana .
In general, building or traditional Balinese architecture is always filled with knick - knacks that serves for decoration , such as carving with contrasting colors and natural . Aside from being a decoration they also interpret and elucidate certain as gratitude to the Creator , as well as ritual symbols such as statues .
Generally, Balinese Traditional House Building fragmentary widened many buildings in a small area which are united by a fence that surrounds it . Along the development era buildings began to change no longer separated.
Bali has a typical architecture arising from a tradition , beliefs and spiritual activities of Balinese people themselves are realized in various physical forms of existing buildings . Like a house , temple as a holy place of Hindus , Banjar or meeting halls and others.
3 . conclusion
Bali Island of the Gods is one of the most beautiful islands in the world are located in Indonesia , as well as being a favorite area of ​​domestic and foreign travelers . Balinese people are very powerful keep their customs and upholds the traditions and keep them until now.

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