Research and Technology Development Agency ( BPPT ) creates a new system to tackle the garbage problem in Indonesia. His name Reusable Sanitary Landfill . Actually , it is the complement system ever implemented in Bantar Gebang landfill . If RSL applied in Jakarta , Jakarta certainly does not need tinkering with urban spatial land or take other areas .
Architects and Engineers Technology BPPT , Dipl . - Ing . Ir H. B. Henky Sutanto explained Reusable Sanitary Landfill ( RSL ) is a sustainable waste management system using space Shelter Supply Solid Waste . RSL is believed to control emissions Henky liquid , or water seepage through so it does not contaminate groundwater .
The system is able to control the emissions of methane , carbon dioxide or other harmful gases due to waste compaction process . RSL can also control the fly population around the landfill . So as to prevent spreading germs . How it works , in RSL , garbage piled in the land . Trash the land previously excavated and compacted clay . This land desbut ground liner . After the clay is compacted , then covered with soil geo membrane , similar to a layer of colored plastic with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters is made ​​of High Density Polyitilin , one petroleum compounds . This layer was the one that would hold water leachate ( contaminated water that smells coming from garbage ) , so it will not seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater . On top of a layer of geo geo textile membrane coated filter impurities that point so it does not mix with water leachate . Leachate is periodically drained . Before compacted , the garbage that accumulates over geo textille layer is then closed by using geo membrane layer to prevent the spread of methane gas caused by the decay process waste ( compressed ) without oxygen .
Geo membrane will also absorb heat and help the decomposition process . Radiation will likely be able to kill the flies and their eggs around the garbage . While  decay results in the form of compost can be sold . Methane gas is also ultimately used to heat water which previously accommodated rain to wash the trash trucks . Henky sure if the garbage truck that looks closed washed every time runs out hauling trash , the smell would not spread to the landfill .
Waste with this system is the same with the already implemented Bantar Gebang landfill . However, in Zone I Bantar landfill gate , LNER groun not use geo membranes to hold water leachate . And leak that causes water pollution and air pollution .
If , later rehabilitated landfill Bantar Gebang processing pattern replaced with RSL , the Jakarta administration , Henky not need to find a new location to accommodate the trash . Because waste can be processed on an ongoing basis and in ground liner system can be repaired periodically .

If the specified waste processing capacity of 3000 tons / day and Tipping Fees from now RP 60.070/ton raised to Rp 100.000/ton or U.S. $ 10.64 / tonne then BCRnya 7.98 .
If Zone 1 Bantar Gebang landfill renovation will cost about U.S. $ 17.1 million . With 6 % interest pa , in year 3 capital is returned . For the entire zone Bantar Gebang landfill necessary to fund approximately U.S. $ 80 million fine and 5 stages , a period of about 15 years . Not limited lifetime due to planned always ready to refill . Because the soil in Bantar Gebang  including good / hard , then the cost for construction can be reduced groundliner leachateproff about 25 % . Compare this to Invessel Composting and Incineration Plant with a capacity of same . 3,000 tpd plant Incineration need around Rp 4.3 trillion , if the current PO is created, 5 years away from operation . Operating costs , especially for fuel 50 liters / ton of trash , so an extra day to prepare sebangai 15,000 liters of fuel . During the rainy season can be . If we use Invessel Anaerobic Composting & Energy Recovery , Processing rate is U.S. $ 25/ton Feenya garbage . Capital that must be provided about USD 400 million . Processing fee to the price that much , PB about 16 years . Same with Incineration Plant , if Purchase orders issued today , 5 years away from operation . Operating life of 20 years .
Law 26/2007 on spatial planning has been enacted and on the basis that it was time spatial District / City revised and should allocate land for the purposes of TPST - RSL .
If the Bekasi municipal government could count on the benefits of the presence of TPA Bantar Gebang , and want to convert to implement technology there Reusable Sanitary Landfill , the City of Bekasi quickly PAD will increase continuously . Suppose 10 % Tipping Fees regarded as PAD , a day can Bekasi U.S. $ 6ribu of DKI Jakarta . If Powerplant LFillGas to Energy calculated , the result will be more than that . 1 thing that needs to be done by the City Government of Bekasi , which is acquiring land around the site is 200 meters from residential areas . But can not also not a problem , minimum 50 released driveway to be region specific RTH TPST - RSL along with land ex.TPA Bantar Gebang . At least it will not increase city green space jakarta Land measuring 400 hectares . Because water is recirculated leachate , the WWTP costs could be saved , because the Landfill Gas controlled and exploited , the area around the TPST - RSL Bantar Gebang no foul odor , communities surrounding the facility can get free biogas ( if allowed ) for the purposes of day-to- day cooking . 1 ton of mixed waste can be obtained around 250 m3 of biogas ( 55 % CH4 ) .
RSL is currently being planned BPPT technology to be applied to TPST - Regional RSL in prov NAD , serving the city of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar district . Planned in early 2009 the first stage ( 9 hectares ) already filled garbage . Initial processing capacity of 200 tons / day . Development stage 2 to 5 ( @ 18 ha ) depending on the amount of waste generated and 3R activities . The greater the scope of the efficient 3R Movement region use these facilities . According to plan will be financed construction of Zone 1 is from sources BRR Multi - Donor Fund .
If the 460 - Open landfill dumping in Indonesia at this time converted using RSL 's technology , there will be an additional 460 Biogas powerplant in Indonesia and at least there will be additional employment of about 46,000 units remained at the scene TPST - RSL . This could be due to the procurement of TPST - RSL is different with dam project ( once up finishes ) . TPST - RSL at any time there will be two types of continuous employment , ie employment and civilian labor waste charging manufacture of earthen embankment limiting waste . By the time the gas was gone and done Landfill - Mining , at this location there will be 4 types of work , namely waste charging , making earthen embankment around, ripe demolition waste , compost processing of mining products . Because Wet-CEll/sistem wet processing system , it is not necessary daily soil cover , which required only a mixture of non- food grade compost as alternative daily cover . The plan could be yes if the suppliers of the 3R Movement activists .

That's it for additional information about technology while Reusable Sanitary Landfill and future plans , God willing .

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