1. INTRODUCTION
1.1 Background of Study

Slobin (1979:188) says that Language is inseparable element in human life. It has important roles, especially to deliver or share information to other people in society. To communicate well, people need language. So it is the reason why language is so important for human in society. Giving information means transferring knowledge, fact or news by the speakers as the doers to the listeners as the receivers. To deliver message, the language that the speaker use should be clear, quick and easy and the rhetorically expressive. Language is the principal means whereby we conduct our social lives. When it is used in contexts of communication, it is bound up with culture in multiple and complex ways. It is necessary to see how much patterns in relation to each other. Platt (1984:66) says that every language expresses in some way or other how people think, perceive and act, in what state people, things and ideas are and how they relate to each other. Words which express action, states, perception, etc, the verb, occur in every language. However there are many differences in the way they can be structures, what additional concepts they may express and what other word may occur with them.
A long time ago, in one country, it is possible if the people only use one language or the same language to communicate to other people. But now people are able to speak by some language. And in some cases, it is must. In globalization area country can not avoid to cooperate with other countries that use
different languages. It is the caution factor why people should master more than one language, especially English. Almost every country in the world use English as their second language. This phenomenon usually is called as bilingualism. One of the most striking phenomena in a bilingual’s linguistic performance is the occurrence of the seemingly random mixing of two languages, both within and between utterances, during a conversational exchange. The ability in mastering some languages can be the main factor of code mixing. Or on the other hand bilingualism is one of the causes of code-mixing. Every body knows that English is an international language. Nowadays many Indonesian people use Indonesian and English language at the same time. It is called code-mixing. Code-mixing could appear in every context of communication. Code-mixing is the application of a language or more in which put the elements of language as the word to the other language consistently. Actually there is another phenomenon in linguistics and it is called code-switching. It is difficult enough to distinguish both of code-mixing and code-switching. Siregar (2002:12) says that Code-switching is a change by a speaker (or writer) from one language or language variety to another. One of the causes people switch the languages is because of the speech situation Some people said that this phenomenon could in crease the status in society especially for young people. That is why the writer chooses Gogirl Magazine as the object of the analysis. The writer is interested in analyzing the use of code – mixing. This study is devoted to investigate code mixing in articles of Gogirl Magazine.
1.2 Scope of Study
 In doing this study, it is limited only to discus use of code mixing only in Gogirl Magazine.
1.3 Purpose of Study
As a student, I write this paper to fulfill the requirements to get the Diploma Degree from the English Department of the Faculty of Letters, North Sumatera University.
 1.4 Significance of Study
1. To add information to people who are interested in studying code-mixing. 
2. To give contribution linguistic.
1.5 Method of Study
In writing this paper, I did a library research by finding the books which are relevant to the topic. I looked for the books which explain about code–mixing used on Gogirl Magazine. Beside that, I also researched some official websites for the adding source to make this paper be interesting to read. 


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