Teaching profession is a noble profession . Often we hear the phrase Teacher Is unsung heroes , we certainly hear it will believe it is because of the teachers we get very valuable knowledge that can not be met with any . But the opposite of that is also human teacher who certainly has the desire to achieve well-being , then from that a teacher sometimes can not maintain their idealism as true educators
Education today is far different from the ancient times , before becoming a teacher is a prestige for public view but in contrast to today's teaching profession as gold so many people who want to become a teacher . Why is that ?
Choice to become a teacher is a right choice , it is seen from the teacher work time is shorter than with other work . their tasks easy and fun to say . In addition the position of teachers t considered respectable because science is taught is precious . With such a phenomenon that the teaching profession is now the target of some people . From this it is sometimes a question arises is it worth Teachers expression unsung hero ?

II . discussion
Since the first teachers till now occupies a place of honor in the community . respected teacher who has no doubt that the figure of the teacher . Society believes that to educate their children in order to be among the noble personality . With the trust of a given society , the teacher is given the task and the shoulders a heavy responsibility . With so then as a teacher must have a unique personality . One hand, teachers should be friendly , patient , showing understanding , give confidence , and creating a safe atmosphere . but , on the other hand the teacher should give assignments , encouraging students to achieve goals , conduct correction , rebuke and judge . A teacher in the education necessary to understand the thoughts and feelings of the students ( Ws.Winkel , 1991: 16 ) .
Personality as a teacher - if it is divided into two parts . Empathy on the one hand , on the other hand be critical . Demands the teacher 's personality as it should be realized by the teachers .
To realize a flexible private , then every teacher needs to realize the task and its position as a teacher , educator and coach . To carry out the three tasks that required a unique personality . Profile of the ideal teacher is a person who devotes himself by calling the soul , conscience calls not for mere money claim , which limits the extent of the duties and responsibilities the school walls .
Teacher expression unsung hero is an expression of the right to a teacher . Even a poet named sjauki creating a buzzword for the teachers ' stand and honor teachers and grant award , as a teacher almost an apostle " . Of these aphorisms kit can see how noble duties of a teacher , so it is only natural that teachers get a nickname that will never be found in the professions . Every name that needs to be preserved with sincere devotion , and motivation to work with students to build character . But for now the nickname of teachers as the unsung heroes deserve to only a small fraction of teachers alone .
Difficulties of life today into educator makes selection harder than ever before . Challenges of economic and lifestyle issues materiality teachers make it difficult to sustain a teacher idealism as a teacher . Idealism a teacher should give herself up to the world of education , it is a tough situation amid all the problems of life that must be faced by a teacher . It is a challenge for an educator . Qualified teachers are always developing professionalism in full . He will not whining to ask government employees or appointed as permanent teachers because the work has proven , performance is worthy of respect . This might be one of the alternatives that can be done to develop and retain teachers idealism at this difficult time . Professionalism of teachers is actually a paradigm that is not negotiable - negotiable.
Peter G Beidler theory , the book states 10 criteria Inspiring Teaching professional teacher ( Beidler , 1997, p. 3-10 ) , namely :
1 . Professional teachers - should be willing to be a good teacher .
2 . Teachers are professionals willing to take risks and strive to achieve it .
3 . Professional teachers always have a positive attitude .
4 . Teachers are professionals always use their time for the betterment of education .
5 . Professional teachers are teachers who believe that teaching is the main task .
6 . Professional teachers are teachers who can change their students for the better .
7 . Professional teachers are teachers who are able to distinguish between the ability and
willingness of students .
8 . Professional teachers are teachers who can provide motivation for students.
9 . A good teacher is a teacher that bias assess students according to ability .
10 . Professional teacher is a teacher who can always aspiring students .
Professionalism of teachers is not only because of the demands of the changing times , but basically also a must for every individual in terms of improving the quality of human life . Professionalism requires sufficient seriousness and competence , so that someone deemed worthy to carry out a task .
Vision teachers are change agents and educators characters . As actors it is necessary to change the thinking and strategies of teachers to be able to become change agents and educators of character that is needed by our society today . In an age of fierce competition , as now , the performance is the only way to measure the quality of a teacher . Therefore, the status of civil servants , private , fixed , or not particularly relevant honoree associated notion of teacher professionalism . In many places large private institutions and advanced , permanent employee status even make private educational institutions are not able to develop teachers professionally because they have felt well established . Similarly, that the civil service , many have felt comfortable making negligent develop themselves . Therefore, teachers must return to his true identity that has certain properties , that is friendly , open , close , want to understand and willing to learn constantly - constantly in order to further demonstrate their identity as educators .
Improvement of the quality of education at this time is an issue that has always been interesting and discourse between the government institutions and teachers who understand the real world in the field , as well as educational supervisors who always carries the theory . In this issue the government is very serious about change - change and curriculum improvement and standardization of educators and education , and the teachers always voiced professionalism and appreciation , while observers or supervisors seeking educational theoretical and systematic education . In this case the government and the community to give priority to maintain , protect and respect the teaching profession . specifically the government gives financial guarantees minimally to each teacher so that they can live a decent and dignified as a teacher . This problem can only be solved if the government and the community to give priority to preserve , protect , and respect for the teaching profession . In particular , the government should provide financial security to a minimum to each teacher so that they can live a decent and dignified as a teacher . So far , the government has provided an effort to improve the professionalism of teachers by providing award is often referred to teacher certification are intended to reward teachers , especially given minimal economic security that teachers can live in dignity , so that they can provide quality services to the community and state .
Now back to the teachers themselves how to address themselves as professional educators , the teachers are required to continue to develop themselves in this era of globalization , if not continue to develop themselves , teachers can be left out of their students , although it has not received a professional certificate let alone have received professional certificates and TPP has received . There is no reason to not have time but have to do something that has become a claim that science teachers should always be honed and up to date and is expected to the quality of education with the award. But the reality now is different from the original aim of the professionalism of teachers and the teaching profession has lost an attempt to meet the need is no longer a complete devotion .
Should not only teachers' salaries are continuously improved but also the educational facilities needs to be addressed . So that a balance between the quality of teachers and facilities and infrastructure.

III . cover
Times it spins like a wheel of the cart as well as in education . Teaching profession is now like a hunted gold again , in contrast to ancient times only considered the teaching profession by the public eye since his salary is not much, but even so the quality of education is very promising advance . In contrast to the current reality of education , the education managers have always demanded a promotion but no longer pay attention to the quality of education . This is a PR for us to improve the quality of education .This paper is expected to be a mirror for us to change the current education paradigm .

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