Kumpulan Artikel Bahasa Inggris DAMPAK POSITIF DARI INTERNET


1 . Information and knowledge of the Infinite
Internet provides infinite resources for 7 x 24 hours each time . Even when the middle of the night when the question arises in your head , and was intrigued to find answers to these questions , you can directly access the Internet via computers , cell phones , gadgets you to find the answers.

2 . Internet For Business
A lot of people are successful in running a business over the internet . Successful internet businesses recognize that by doing business over the internet without even minimal capital capital even with a niche market that is wider than the real world of business . Some potential on the internet which can be used as a farm business are : selling products or services online , advertising , affiliate , etc. .

3 . Internet Leisure
Aside from being a source of information , many users are accessing the Internet only to play games , download songs, watch online tv streaming and much more . They search the internet in order to find solace as the container to release their stress from everyday activities - day .

4 . The latest cost of Knowledge
Undeniably, the Internet provides access to information by all infinity inexpensive source of news and information you can get . Nevertheless, internet rates abroad much cheaper than in Indonesia.

5 . Internet As a Means of Communication Efficient
When we remember the time 30 years ago , long-distance communication used by humans to family , friends or acquaintances when it is in the mail, money orders ( to send money ) or the more far backward is using the telegraph as a means of sending messages . Evolved into the 1990 crew , communication began to develop in terms of efficiency with the phone . Once the internet came along , communication can reach far more efficient and practical function in the presence of email, chat , voice chat that reach up to the whole world with a much cheaper cost .

6 . Internet Allows You To Know People from All Around the World
With the development of social networking sites , forums , blogs on the internet is allowing you to get to know people of all tribes and nations with ease even without having to meet physically .

7 . Internet For Emergency Purposes
A lot of things and examples to explain this , and we will take the example of an experience that may have experienced by yourself . Have one when you are traveling at the time but forgot to bring the address of your destination or even do not know the destination at all ? By accessing the information on Google Maps or Google you can find addresses and phone numbers quickly . Even when your family arrives - arrives asking you to send money for emergency purposes when you 're on a vacation to the area that is not covered by the ATM machine , etc. , you can transfer money through Internet Banking . For some purposes , the Internet can help the user to the most pressing needs .

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