50 Keys to Success In Life Living in the World


            Success stems from mental. You may be poor, but if you believe you can succeed, then that is what you will achieve. And vice versa, if one is born rich, but do not have the mental successful, soon it could lose one's shirt.

No matter what the profession you work now, whether low-ranking employees or bosses though, you can succeed with its 50 successful habits. However, remember also that the measure of success is not money, but the mental satisfaction itself.

Look for and find opportunities where others while others failed to find it.
Successful people see the problem as an instructional material rather than mere difficulties.
Focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.
Creating their own path to success and innovation of existing ideas.
Successful people can feel fear, but they then controlled and overcome.
They ask the right questions, so that confirms the quality of mind and positive emotional.
They rarely complain.
They do not blame others, but to take responsibility for their actions
They always find a way to develop their potential and use it effectively.
They are busy, productive and proactive, not go alone.
They want to fit in with nature and other people's thinking.
They have the ambition or the spirit.
Know exactly what you want.
They are innovative and not plagiarism.
They do not put off what is there.
They have a principle that life is a never-ending learning process.
They do not consider themselves perfect so willing to learn from others.
They are doing what they should be, not what they want to do.
They are willing to take risks, but not reckless.
They face and solve the problem immediately.
They do not wait for luck, or chance. They have invented.
They acted even before the ordered / requested.
They are able to control their emotions and be professional.
They are communicators.
They have a plan and try to make it a reality.
They become outstanding as they vote for it.
They succeeded through hard times which usually makes others give up.
They know what is important to them and do the best they can.
They have balance. They know that money is only a tool, not everything.
They understand well the importance of discipline and self-control.
They feel safe because they know they are valuable.
They are also generous and kind.
They are willing to admit mistakes and do not hesitate to apologize.
They are willing to adapt to change.
They maintain the body's health and performance.
They are diligent.
They are open and receptive to input from others.
They were still happy when faced ups and downs of life.
They do not hang out with the wrong people / damage.
They do not waste time and emotional energy on something that is beyond their control.
They are comfortable working in a place there.
They set high standards for themselves.
They do not question why they failed but learned from it all.
They know how to relax, enjoy what is, and be able to have fun in the carelessness though.
Their career is not who they are, it's just a job.
They are more interested in what works rather than on what is easy.
They finish what they started.
They realize that they are not just a mere mortal, but spiritual beings.
They do on what they say.

              So, if there are some habits that have become a part of your life right now?! If there is, develop it, and add your chances of success by doing another. Remember, success is not owned by those who never fail, but to the people who never give up!!

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